Best Motorcycle Footwear

cropped view of man in black boot sitting on motorcycle

When it comes to riding gear, footwear is one of those things that often get overlooked. But with 41.5% of all motorcycle injuries being foot-related its time to protection those little toes.

The Ultimate Riding Boots (click for current price on Amazon)

These are the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore Tex Motorcycle Boots & my gosh they are one hell of a pair of boots!

Perfect for

  • Long distance touring
  • The hands-down best protection
  • Will last a life-time
The Sexiest Women's Riding Boots (click for current price on Amazon)

When it comes to sexy riding boots, you know they've got to be leather! That's why these Harvey-Davidson's Lomita make it on this list.

Perfect for

  • Looking like a boss
  • Touring
  • City trips in style