How To Ride On The Back Of A Motorcycle: 7 Quick Tips For Passengers

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Do you generally play the role of a pillion to your father, friend, or cousin who rides a motorcycle? In that case, you shoulder much more responsibility than the rider. You’re securing your and the rider’s safety.

You do not want to be the reason that the bike goes off balance or that the rider loses his focus. You want to be able to assist the rider if need be and be a good passenger. Additionally, you must know the proper steps to maintain your safety.

Ah, but it’s easier said than done! That’s why we have developed this article with seven quick tips to keep in mind while riding on the back of a motorcycle.

7 Tips to Ride on The Back of a Motorcycle

  1. Wear Proper Protective Gear
  2. Sit Close To The Driver
  3. Place Your Foot On Foot Pegs
  4. Practice Body Shifting
  5. Do Not Shift Unexpectedly
  6. Prepare for Stops and Turns
  7. Have Fun While You Ride

Wear Proper Protective Gear

First and foremost, you should wear a helmet to prevent head injuries. Additionally, a good pair of sturdy boots will keep your ankles safe. Gloves are necessary not just for grip but also to protect your hands in case of an accident.

Last but not least, knee guards or pants with padding are great options for protecting your legs while riding on the back of the motorcycle.

It’s also important that you wear clothing that isn’t too loose or baggy because it can get caught in moving parts of the bike. Plus it could potentially pose a safety risk if loose articles of clothing get caught in between the spinning wheels or under the tires while braking hard or cornering. It may cause loss of balance and result in an accident.

Sit Close To The Driver

Sit as close to the driver’s back as possible. This will give you a lot more stability when riding on the bike. Additionally, if you’re sitting too far away from the driver, it can be hard to balance yourself while riding. You’ll end up using your hands or feet to reach out for him in order to maintain better balance resulting in an unsafe riding position.

If the motorcycle does not have passenger handlebars, wrap your hands around the driver’s hips or waist for added safety.

Place Your Foot On Foot Pegs

It’s extremely important that you place your foot on the footpeg and not just on the passenger seat. This ensures stability for both of you if brakes suddenly need to be applied. It also adds stability while cornering and during acceleration and deceleration.

However, do note that riders’ handlebars are different from those of a pillion. They’re designed specifically to give the rider a better grip and control while riding.

Depending on the motorcycle, some riders make it a point to place their feet on different parts of the pillion seat at different times in order to maintain balance and stability during cornering, braking, etc. This is also called practicing “body shifting”.

Practice Body Shifting

When riding on the back of a motorcycle, your body acts as a counterweight to help maintain balance while cornering or braking. Thus it’s very important that you practice shifting your weight from one side to another.

For instance, when the driver leans the bike into a turn, shift your weight over so that you lean into the turn as well.

Additionally, when braking, shift your weight towards the front of the bike so that you level out with the rider’s back. This ensures that the motorcycle doesn’t “squat” or go off balance while braking hard.

Do Not Shift Unexpectedly

When you are riding as a passenger on a motorcycle do not shift your body weight unexpectedly. This will throw the rider off balance and cause a loss of focus. This leads to fatal consequences.

Always make sure you remain seated while riding on the back of a motorcycle. Only move about or shift your body weight when the rider tells you to do so.  

*Remember: making sudden moves could lead to loss of balance and result in an accident.

Prepare for Stops and Turns

When you’re riding on the back of a motorcycle, it’s hard to see obstacles coming up in front. So always prepare for stops and turns beforehand so that you can get ready to shift your body weight or position yourself accordingly.

If the motorcycle goes off-balance, be prepared to catch the rider with your hands. If needed, place your hands under their armpits or behind their neck. Remember not to use any force while catching them. It’ll only cause trouble for both of you if the rider falls forward because then his face might slam into yours!

Have Fun While You Ride

Lastly, always remember to have fun and be safe while riding on the back of a motorcycle. Ride within your limits and follow all traffic rules. Wear protective gear at all times which is mandatory by law in some places.

Conclusion :

These quick tips should give you a good idea about how to ride on the back of a motorcycle. Remember, it’s not all about keeping your balance and holding onto the rider. It’s rather about working together as a team so that both of you stay safe and in control while riding.

Do also note that these tips aren’t in any particular order. It doesn’t matter whether you’re standing, sitting, holding onto the rider, or whatever. What matters is that you are properly balanced on the motorcycle with your hands in the right position.

Safety should always be your number one priority while riding. Have fun, stay safe and enjoy your journey!

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