Riding Motorcycle On Snow: Can You Ride A Motorcycle In The Snow?

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When it comes to dangerously crazy stuff people do with a motorcycle, winter riding on snow riding is definitely up there! The fear of losing traction is a universal phenomenon that most people have to contemplate while snow or winter riding. But honestly, how bad is a winter ride? Can you ride a motorcycle in the snow? Is winter motorcycle riding convenient?

Riding motorcycle on snow is not recommended. However, when using specialized motorcycle tires for winter and snow it is possible to ride a motorcycle on snowy terrain. Riding on snow is still extremely dangerous, even with motorcycle with custom tires. Never attempt to ride a motorcycle with standard road tires, the wheels will just slip. And never attempt to ride a motorcycle during a snow storm.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about riding a motorcycle on snow.

Are there snow tires for motorcycles?

It seems a little crazy, but special tires for motorcycles have existed in the market for a while. These types of tires are characterized by an aggressive tread pattern that digs deep into the snow while giving a high grip while turning. Here are some.

Such tires used on motorcycles can help provide excellent traction while moving in the snow. However, if you’re not using a motorcycle specifically designed for off-road use or winter weather, then be warned that you are taking an extreme safety risk. Riding a motorcycle on snow with effective gears ensures safety.

Can You Put Snow Chains On A Motorcycle?

There are no snow chains designed for motorcycles, however, technically you could DIY it. This is not recommended though and would be a good idea in emergency situations.

Snow chains are only designed to be used with cars and light trucks for cold temperature riding. However, they are very effective in providing traction when driving on deep snow covered roads. Heated grips, heated gear, cold tires for rear wheels, studded tires are appropriate tools to enhance motorcycle safety and support winter motorcycling. For cold weather riding, riders should be prepared for snowy conditions.

Why is riding a motorcycle in a snow storm is a bad idea?

Riding a motorcycle in a snow storm is one of the most dangerous things to do for a rider. Some of the dangers of riding a motorcycle in a snow storm are:

  • Decreased visibility
  • Extremely slippery roads
  • Extremely windy
  • You’re also dangerous to other people
  • The motorcycle can lose control very easily
  • Black Ice

If the motorcycle slips, it will be impossible to regain control of the front and rear wheels in cold temperatures.

Even if the rider is wearing protective clothing, they could still lose their life due to this weather condition. Riding in cold weather or snow storm sometimes occurs with windy conditions which increase the chances of slipping and losing control further. Some people may argue that they ride their motorcycles in cold weather or snow storm and did not face any accidents. But it’s just not worth the battle scars.

Riding a motorcycle in a snow storm or cold weather is like driving with a loaded gun. It’s either you kill yourself or someone else kills you if they come on your way when you are unable to control your bike because of slippery roads and reduced visibility.

What happens if you leave your motorcycle in the snow?

touring motorcycle covered with snow

So if you’ve decided to not ride your motorcycle home, what happens if you leave it in the snow? Will it be okay when you get back to it the next day?

Well, there is a chance that your bike might start up just fine. Depending on how long you’ve left it for in the cold weather. Some riders have reported that they did not face any issues with motorcycles left in the snow overnight or even for a week.

The only damage that comes from leaving your motorcycle out in the snow or cold weather for a week is a flat battery, which isn’t the end of the world.

Cold weather motorcycle riding is a thrilling experience for dirt bike riders. The right gear includes heated gloves and winter gear. Cold weather gear and a dirt bike with a heated grip is iconic choice for the winter months.

Of course, the advisable thing to do is to tow your motorcycle home with a motorcycle trailer, or at least cover your motorcycle. But if you can’t do that, it’s still better to leave your bike rather than try to ride it home.

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