Are Gloves Necessary for Motorcycle: Best Safety Reasons

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Everyone knows that the more protection we wear the safer we’ll be riding our motorcycles. But for a lot of us we ride with ‘most of’ the essential motorcycle gear, but usually missing something. We’ll pop to the shops and on the bike and might decide not to wear boots that day, or leave our gloves at home. Are gloves necessary for motorcycle riding?

Bike gloves are a must for all riders, regardless of experience level. While they may seem like a frivolous purchase to some, wearing gloves offer more protection than you’d think. Motorcycle riding gloves not only protect your hands in a crash but also from the wind and cold as well as any bugs that come up while riding. There are different glove types when it comes to choosing the best motorcycle riding gloves for added protection. Some of the most common include leather gloves, summer gloves, textile gloves, short cuff gloves, street gloves, carbon fiber knuckle protection, weather protection gauntlet style gloves and other great gloves. Most gloves can be found on a bike shop or online marketplace. Carbon fiber motorcycle gloves and leather motorcycle gloves are among the best motorcycle gloves to choose from. Not all gloves are made for a bike trip. Ensure that the riding gloves fit. Wear gloves to ride a bike correctly and experience all the difference during high speeds.

Let’s explore 7 reasons why motorcycle gloves are essential and why you should never question riding without them again!

1. Slide protection in a crash

When you’re out on the road and something goes wrong, such as your front tire getting caught on a tram track or someone cutting you up then swerving in front of you without signaling what will happen next? A crash is likely.

If that happens and you go down, slide protection is incredibly important when it comes to protecting your hands. An appropriate pair of motorcycle rider gloves and other motorcycle gear can help reduce the severity of hand injuries in a crash.

2. Impact protection in a crash

Along with slide protection, impact protection is another key reason why motorcycle-specific gloves with padded protection are essential. When your hands hit the ground or another object during a crash, the force of that impact can be reduced by wearing motorcycle gloves. This is thanks to the padding and armor that are often built into quality gloves.

A lot of riders will scoff at this, saying something like, “I’ve ridden for 8 years and never had a crash”. But the fact of the matter is if you’re looking at riding for life, a crash is inevitable, it’s not a matter of if you crash, it’s a matter of when. And it might be on that big touring day, but it might also be just popping down to the shops.

3. Keeps your hands warm

One of the main tangible reasons to wear motorcycle gloves is to keep your hands warm. This is especially important in winter when the cold can really penetrate your skin and cause discomfort or worse. Good motorcycle gloves will help keep your hands warm while cold weather riding and different weather conditions.

Even if the weather isn’t that cold, wind-chill whilst riding 70 mph down the highway can create a numbing in your fingertips. No matter how fast your reaction speed is, cold hands will always reduce your ability to function properly.

4. Keeps bugs off your hands

When you’re riding down the road at 55 mph, bugs can fly into you. That’s just part of biking. but if they hit your hand you better make sure you don’t let go! And having gloves on when this happens is a good defense against bug splatters on your hands.

5. Makes you a more confident rider

More confident riders are better riders. They make split-second decisions that save lives, prevent crashes and keep themselves safe. And wearing motorcycle gloves is one way to help you feel more confident on your bike.

6. Keeps your hands cleaner

When it’s just you and the open road, dust, dirt and grime can quickly build up on your hands. This is especially the case when you’re riding off-road. A pair of gloves will help keep your hands clean and free from debris, which means you won’t have to worry about it flying into your bike and causing problems down the line.

7. Increases grip on the handlebars

Finally, a good pair of motorcycle gloves will also increase your grip on the handlebars. This is important because it helps you to maintain control of your bike in all situations. If your hands are slipping off the bars then you’re going to have a hard time controlling your bike, which could lead to a crash.


Motorcycle gloves are essential, there’s really no way around it. They protect you in a crash, keep your hands warm and make you a more confident rider. So before you head out for your next ride, make sure that you’ve got motorcycle gloves on!

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