Best Motorcycle Jackets

A man in leather jacket holds motorcycle helmet.

The best motorcycle riding jackets are the ones that aren’t just functional but also look cool.

Let’s be honest, I think the majority of us riders out there buy gear for the looks as much as the function. And that’s ok! As long as it does protect as well.

That’s why we’ve created a list of our top picks motorcycle jackets for 3 different styles: leather, textile, and mesh. That way you can purchase with confidence knowing you are getting a great-looking jacket that will also do its job.

My Recommended Leather Jacket (click for current price on Amazon)

My Recommended leather motorcycle jacket is the Scorpion EXO 1909 Leather Jacket. Here's what I like about it:

Features and Benefits

  • This is a Soft distressed leather jacket which only gets better with age! 
  • It comes with Sas-Tec Level 2 armor at elbows and shoulders and a pocket for a spine protector (not included though so be sure to go pick one up).
  • The Perforated panels under the arms and side of the torso + two zippers at the rear of the jack are really good for ventilation. 
  • Additional Leather has been used as overlays at elbows 
  • Of course, this jacket comes with YKK zippers throughout so you'll rarely get a snag and the zippers should last for life. 
  • The jacket also comes with a removable EverHeat jacket liner with Kwikwick panels for those cooler rides.

My Recommended Textile Jacket (click for current price on Amazon)

If you're after a textile riding jacket you should look no further than the ScorpionExo XDR Yosemite Textile Adventure Touring Jacket (what a mouthful!). This jacket is probably one of the best all-around jackets money can buy. Here's what I like about it:

Features and Benefits

  • The jacket has windproof panels that can also be folded down on cool days. But when it's a hot day you can unzip the front and back vents to receive optimal airflow. 
  • Zip-out Airguard waterproof liner mean that you'll stay completely dry in the rain & the included removable thermal EverHeat liner keeps you toasty when it gets cold. 
  • This all-nylon jacket is equipped with heavy-duty abrasion zones, NightViz reflective material, and a wide range of climates to fit your varying needs. 
  • You can adjust the Sas-Tec armor at shoulders and elbow pads to your heart's content with lockdown straps absolutely everywhere. 
  • Back pad pocket means you can purchase a Sas-Tec Level 2 CE certified back protector for extra protection.

My Recommended Mesh Jacket (click for current price on Amazon)

My recommended mesh riding jacket is the Alpinestars Men's Luc Air. Which is actually also my wife's favorite jacket too! A mesh jacket is really a must in those summer months, otherwise, you can forget riding through the day. Let's go through why we love this jacket so much:

Features and Benefits

  • The outer layer of the jacket is made from a 480 denier poly-textile that has been double PU coated to make it both durable and water-resistant (not waterproof). 
  • Scrap the technical talk for a second, because I really don't know what magic they're using in this thing but... The intake of air in this jacket is just amazing. It almost feels like you're not wearing a jacket while riding. 
  • The protection around your shoulders, elbows, and back are CE-certified pads and all pockets can be adjusted for a snug fit. I think my favorite part of this jacket is the look, it doesn't look like a mesh jacket, it looks legit!