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In today’s world, food delivery has become increasingly popular and with each passing day, more and more riders are working tirelessly for us to deliver the delicacies at our doorstep. However, it’s easy for us to overlook the costs that are involved in this profession.

For example, the cost of petrol to go back and forth across the city, the maintenance cost of their vehicles, and so on and so forth. In this regard, it is the electric scooters that offer a lot of benefits to the riders. In fact, we would go a step further to state that having an electric scooter is the best kind of vehicle for food delivery when compared to motorcycles.

Before we explain why CHARGEPRO is the best electric scooter for food delivery, let us begin by stating the reasons why an electric scooter like CHARGEPRO is the best in business.

Why is it Best to Have an Electric Scooter for Food Delivery?

There are many real benefits that a rider can enjoy if they choose an electric scooter over a motorcycle for food deliveries. Let’s explore all the benefits one-by-one:

5 Reasons Why Electric Scooters are Best for Food Delivery

  1. High Affordability
  2. No Fuel Cost
  3. Low on Maintenance
  4. No Licensing Required
  5. Eco-friendly

High Affordability

The number one reason for choosing electric scooters or mopeds over heavy motorcycles is that they cost less than fancy and bulky motorcycles. There really isn’t such a thing as an expensive electric scooter, straight out the showroom high-powered electric scooter is pretty cheap. But the real cost saving of e-scooters are the fuel-saving costs long term. And this is especially helpful for those delivering food.

Since electric scooters and mopeds do not have a heavy engine in terms of volume (CC) along with many other features that are there in a fancy motorcycle, manufacturers have their showroom price much less than the bulky motorcycles.

But do not think that buying an electric scooter is a compromise on the front of the dashing looks of riding a motorcycle. First of all, there are a variety of electric scooter models available in the market like CHARGEPRO that come packed with exciting features. They are stylish, cool, and have all the safety measures required for safety on the road.

No Fuel Cost

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Riders who work for food delivery apps have to spend hours on streets going across the town or cities. So, the fuel cost involved in the process can skyrocket for them as the profession itself demands long hours of riding.

Therefore, using an electric scooter or moped will free the rider of the excessive fuel cost. Also, they do not need to frequent the gas stations on their way, when they are in the middle of delivering a food package.

In fact, if you compare the cost of gas to that of electric charge, you will be surprised to know that an electric charge basically costs you as low as a cent for a mile. Now, you can compare the same cost you otherwise had to bear, if you were doing your deliveries on a motorcycle.

Low on Maintenance

Another great advantage of choosing electric mopeds over motorcycles for the purpose of food delivery is that they require very little to almost no maintenance.

Compared to a scooter there are many more complex electrical circuits present in a big motorcycle. It’s not a luxury as much it is a necessity for the motorcycles because big bulky machines like those need fine engineering to function smoothly.

On the other hand, you can look at an electric scooter or a moped as a minimalistic vehicle with top safety measures and features. They have fewer moving parts than motorcycles and therefore, they require less liquid or grease to keep them functioning properly. Of course, like all vehicles, you will have to carry maintenance after at least 3 years of operation (also, depends on the scooter), but generally, they are much more reliable than a motorcycle.

No Licensing Required

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Yes, if you are a rider in the US, you do not need a legal license to ride an electric scooter or a moped. There are no endorsements or other documents that you need in order to ride across the country.

Also, electric scooters are legally allowed to go in the bus lanes as well which is by the way a big NO for motorcycles. So, as a rider of an electric scooter not only you are free from the hassles of government papers but also, you can save time on your deliveries.


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This is also a critical reason why you should settle for an electric scooter instead of a fuel-injected motorcycle. Electric scooters and mopeds do not run on any petroleum products. As a result, their emission does not consist of any harmful or dangerous gases. So, if you are a rider who delivers food on electric mopeds or scooters, you are having a much smaller carbon footprint than your motorcycle counterparts.

Today, more and more riders are joining the fleet of food delivery apps and therefore, our carbon-di-oxide (CO2) emissions are at an increased rate than ever before. So, it’s paramount for our planet and our lives on it that food delivery riders use electric scooters or mopeds to deliver their packages in a much more responsible and environmentally-friendly way.

Now that we know the benefits of electric scooters over motorcycles for the purpose of food delivery, let us see why CHARGEPRO is one of the best in the category.

Why CHARGEPRO is the Best Scooter for Food Delivery?

To begin with, let’s say that the CHARGEPRO has everything that you will ever need from an electric scooter. Be it safety, be it cool features, or be its eco-friendly impact –there are no practical drawbacks for this scooter.

Let’s explore CHARGEPRO in some detail & why they are the best electric scooter (in my opinion of course):

Continental United States Lithium-Ion Battery

The CHARGEPRO is extremely serious about climate change and its adverse effect on life on this planet. As a part of its responsibility, the CHARGEPRO does not use any lead or silicon batteries in its scooters.

It only uses a 2000-Watt Continental United States Lithium-Ion Battery which recently got upgraded to 60V 30AH Lithium-Ion Battery for longevity and better performance. This battery is designed exclusively to give you the maximum output from a single charge. With one single charge, you can be rest assured to ride up to 60 miles or for at least 6-8 hours on the stretch. Of course, this will also depend on individual usage.

No License or Registration Required

As mentioned earlier, with an electric scooter like CHARGEPRO you do not need to make the government rounds for getting a legal license, or endorsement for your vehicles. In fact, there is no need for registration as well.

All you need is a CHARGEPRO and you are set for delivering food across towns and cities. This helps you immensely in saving a lot of time and trouble.

However, in the case of vehicle registration, although you do not need to register your Chargepro under any federal laws, we still recommend, to check with your local State authorities for you always want to be on the safer side of the law.

Extensive Waterproofing

Be it a rainy day or a snowy night, all the critical elements of the CHARGEPRO are waterproof. Even the waterproof elements and components that are used in the scooter are all superior automotive-graded.

Therefore, in the rain, you can be sure that the wires, cables, signal, and controls of the scooter are all protected from water and you are safe from any kind of short-circuit situation.

Dual Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Another critical safety feature included in the CHARGEPRO is the dual front and rear disc brakes. These disc brakes allow a rider to stop safely, by reducing the stopping distance, even in bad weather conditions.

The brakes are highly-efficient in splitting the brake force between the two tires so that the rider does not skid even if he or she brakes suddenly due to an emergency at high speeds.

Even this is not the end. The dual disc brakes come with dual hydraulic suspension and shock absorbers so that the rider’s safety is always maintained even on the roughest of terrains and harshest of weather conditions.

3-Mode Riding

The CHARGEPRO comes with an exciting feature that usually motorcycles have – customizable driving modes. It’s no suprise that it’s the best electric scooter on the market.

On the CHARGEPRO, a rider can choose from 3 different modes of driving which include Mode 1 for energy-efficient driving, Mode 2 for speedy driving, and Mode 3 for riders who choose speed over range.

So, depending on your need and riding style you can choose one of the modes between the three and let your riding life enjoy the comfort of the CHARGEPRO.

Apart from all these advantages and features, the CHARGEPRO has an LCD display, LED Front and Rear Lights, and stylish alloy wheels. On top of all these, all CHARGEPRO models come with a warranty period of 1 year on their frame, motor, battery, controller, and charger.

So, if you buy a CHARGEPRO you can be sure of making a solid and profitable investment.

The Bottom Line

If you are someone who is looking to buy a new vehicle for food delivery purposes, look no further than an scooter for food delivery. And really, the best electric scooter is the CHARGEPRO.

It will not just save you on fuel and maintenance but also, will give you value for your money in terms of safety and performance. Also, the added advantage is that you won’t need a license or any kind of registration in order to ride one legally in the US.

Most electric scooters work just as well as any other electric bikes, gas-powered bikes or scooter, but without the downsides of a motor engine. A good electric scooter is still hard to find as they are a fairly new thing, but the CHARGEPRO is a solid choice for any food delivery jobs.

And when it comes to the category of electric scooters, you know why CHARGEPRO could be your best option among all the choices that are available to you in the market. Be it the mileage, the safety components, or its impact on the environment – to be honest, there aren’t many electric scooters for your food delivery business that tick all the boxes like the CHARGEPRO.

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