9 Best Ways To Make Coffee While Camping

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Great coffee or instant coffee is not just restricted to fancy kitchens and famous coffee shops.

You can prepare a delicious cup of steaming instant coffee almost anywhere, even while you are out camping, as opposed to drinking cold water.

Yes, you heard that right! You can make great-tasting coffee grounds while you are camping. You do not need an espresso machine or fancy filters to make the coffee.

All you need is a few basic things that will help brew instant coffee or other types while you are out in the woods.

What Makes Coffee Grounds Popular With Campers?

Coffee is the beverage of choice for many campers and hikers. There is something about a cup of coffee grounds that have got an irresistible aroma and taste.

There are several reasons why most people who love to go out on camping trips prefer their morning cup of instant coffee.

First, it wakes them up instantly. A hot cup of instant coffee takes away all the sleepiness and grogginess from your body and mind within minutes after you have taken a few sips of your favorite drink.

Secondly, it provides instant vigor to the tired muscles and refreshed senses during those early morning hours when you most need it while exploring forests and mountains.

Thirdly, it provides instant energy to start off a new day with fun and excitement.

Finally, there is the eye-opening effect that a cup of coffee renders to start off a fresh morning while camping in woods and forests.

If you have not yet experienced it, then do try a few sips from your best mug while you are out for an overnight trek or a full day’s backpacking trip.

Can Comfortable Camping Include a Good Cup of Coffee?

Can comfortable camping include a good cup of coffee? Absolutely! Here are some tips for comfortable camping: pack a portable coffee maker, bring your favorite coffee beans, and don’t forget a sturdy insulated mug. Enjoying a warm, aromatic cup of Joe amidst nature’s beauty can truly enhance your camping experience.

How to Make Coffee While Camping?

Whether it is your morning cup or just to get you through the day, here are 9 ways how to make coffee while camping:

  1. Cowboy Coffee
  2. Pour Over Coffee
  3. French Press Coffee
  4. Aeropress Coffee
  5. Perlocator Coffee
  6. Hand-Powered Espresso Maker
  7. Moka Pot Coffee
  8. Battery Operated Coffee Maker
  9. Instant Coffee

Cowboy Coffee

This is the most basic method for making ground coffee when you are out camping.

If you know how to brew coffee on a stove, then you can easily prepare it when you are in the woods.

All that needs to be done is heat up some water and pour it over the coffee grounds in a pot or pan (use 2-3 tablespoons of ground per cup).

Let this mixture sit in the pan for about five minutes; stir thoroughly with a spoon and serve in your coffee cup.

An ovenproof dish works best for holding this pot while cooking. You can easily carry this utensil inside just about any pack on your back.

Just remember not to turn on an open if there are any traces of fuel on it.

Pour Over Coffee

This is a simple and easy way to make good quality coarsely ground coffee while camping. You do not need a fancy French press or a machine, just a filter, pot, and hot water.

To make pour-over coffee grounds, all you need to do is add some grounds into a pour-over filter.

You can either use paper or cloth filters, but the latter works best for making good coffee if you want it to be smooth and free of any loose grounds.

Pour water straight from your pot onto these grounds; leave for 4-5 minutes if you like your coffee strong, or 2-3 minutes if you like it light.

Serve poured in cups with sugar (optional).

French Press Coffee

You need not be an expert barista to make French press coffee while camping; it is simple enough even for beginners.

The only difference between French press coffee and regular drip-style coffee is that the latter uses gravity while the former uses pressure to extract flavors from the coffee beans.

All that has to be done is heat up some water, pour it over the coffee grounds in an insulated French press.

Let this mixture steep for some time (4-5 minutes) and then push down the plunger on the filter to strain out all of the grounds.

Aeropress Coffee

Aeropress coffee is a personal favorite of many coffee lovers who like to drink coffee when out camping, including myself.

It uses pressure to extract the flavor from coarsely ground coffee and is known for producing good quality foam over your cup of coffee, making it look like it came right out of a café.

All that has to be done is add some boiling water to fresh coffee grounds in an Aeropress; put this on top of your cup and apply some gentle pressure while pushing down.

The Aeropress itself is made up of a few parts that are nested one on top of the other for easy packing.

Just remember to take out the plunger before packing or after taking it out at your camping site.

You can then brew your camp coffee right over the cup you plan to drink it in.

Perlocator Coffee

Coffee brewed with the Perlocator tastes just as good as it looks.

This coffee maker produces a fine crema on your cup of Joe, making it look like it came out straight from a fancy café.

All that has to be done is pour hot water into this glass vacuum flask and then put some coffee grounds into its basket filter.

The longer you let these brew together, the stronger your coffee will taste.

Take care not to turn on the valve while carrying this coffee maker around because there are traces of fuel inside it even when turned off.

Percolator camp coffee tastes great when served piping hot with sugar and cream.

Hand-Powered Espresso Maker

Espresso is a personal favorite of many coffee lovers.

This machine gives you unlimited shots of frothy goodness, perfect for those who love strong coffee.

It is easy to carry while camping because of its compact design, making it simple enough for beginners.

Grind your beans and put them inside an Espresso Maker for a freshly ground coffee.

Turn the handle and keep cranking until all of the water inside it heats up and then steam will start coming out from its spout.

After that, you just need to turn on its valve and let the magic happen – pour water into your coffee mug with fresh espresso or milk depending upon your preference and serve at once!

Moka Pot Coffee

If you love strong coffee, then Moka Pot is for you! This stove-top style of coffee maker brews good quality Joe in a few minutes, just like an espresso machine.

All that has to be done is add some water and fresh grounds into the body of this pot.

Heat up over a stove until it builds enough pressure and the steam starts coming out from its spout.

This technique makes coffee with a rich taste and distinct flavor; it tastes great when served hot with milk added in if desired.

Moka pots are lightweight and simple to use, making them perfect for camping.

Battery Operated Coffee Maker

While the other coffee makers mentioned above need to be heated over a stove or fire, this drip-style coffee maker is perfect for those who want round-the-clock access to freshly brewed Joe. This makes a beautiful fine ground coffee.

All that has to be done is add some water and ground beans inside, wait for its reservoir to heat up, and then let it drip into your coffee mug with fresh coffee until you have your desired amount.

This lightweight machine takes care of all the fuss involved in making homemade coffee and works just as fine as any other cheap electric drip-style machine.

Instant Coffee

Coffee bags are the perfect option for campers who are in a hurry before starting out. A coffee bag is significantly easier for a rich brewed coffee than an instant coffee packet.

Just add boiling water to this powder and stir it well until you see that all of the instant coffee grounds have dissolved.

Add milk or sugar if required and serve hot in a coffee cup.

Instant coffee is easy to carry around in small coffee bags inside your pack; just remember to avoid spilling any inside your bag while packing up.

The Best Method to Brew Coffee While Camping

Each of these methods has its own set of pros and cons.

While the Moka Pot and Instant Coffee taste great, it is not as portable as some of the other methods.

On the other hand, while you need to make sure your Perlocator coffee maker doesn’t burn out its engine by turning off valves, some find it easy to use because there are no gears or cranks involved in using this machine.

The best way to make camp coffee is to use a combination of two or more methods.

Take out your Aeropress and pour hot water inside it, turning the plunger upside down for drip-style camping coffee.

Add some fresh ground beans into your hand-powered espresso machine and brew your Moka Pot coffee over this cup before adding Perlocator coffee on top of that – you now have freshly brewed joe coming in from three different ways!

Give each method a try while camping to see which one you enjoy the most.

So choose what method works best for you!

Just be sure to pack your favorite beans and accessories before leaving on your next camping trip with friends and family.


Making a cup of camp coffee grounds while camping doesn’t have to be a tough job, especially if you choose the right stove-top style, coffee maker.

Stovetop espresso makers, French presses, cowboy coffee percolators, instant coffee, and Aeropress can all help you enjoy good quality fresh coffee grounds even at your campsite.

Remember that each type has its own unique benefits and disadvantages, so choose wisely while brewing coffee.

Or can also go for a battery-powered drip coffee maker which is easier to use, especially if you only need it once in a while.

Now that you how to make coffee while camping, what’s your favorite? Do write in the comments below!

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