What Are Forward Controls On A Motorcycle?

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There is no better way of experiencing freedom than on the back of your motorcycle. It’s an experience that is unmatched – the incredible feeling of speeding down the highway, wind rushing through your hair, and nothing but fresh air around you.

One of the best parts about riding a motorcycle is the complete control you have over everything at all times. When it comes to handling your vehicle, however, there are some downsides like having no parking brake or limited storage space. If only there was another way to experience all this excitement without these disadvantages.

Well, there is and a solution can be found in motorcycle forward controls. Forward controls motorcycles make use of extended rods placed in front of the handlebars to act as footrests. This allows the rider to rest their feet closer to them, unlocking outstanding foot controls over the bike at all times.

What Are Forward Controls On a Motorcycle?

Long Legs Motorcycle Foot Controls

Much of the control you have on a standard motorcycle is due to its long seat, which allows you to keep your feet stretched out in front of you. This means that your legs are directly over the steering rods and wheels. With forward controls or extended foot pegs, your legs are brought closer to the centre of gravity of the bike which provides a better riding position and riding experience. Where it is normally tiring for people with shorter legs who are forced to stretch their feet out towards the handlebars all day long, forward controls give them more leverage – allowing them some extra room to relax on a long ride.

Forward controls generally use extensions on either side of the bike to make space for your feet. This makes them forward-control motorcycles, as opposed to standard motorcycles whose pedals are located beneath the seat. These extensions can be built directly into your motorcycle or you can purchase attachments that will allow you to attach them to your existing bike.

How Do You Add Forward Controls?

Adding forward controls to your motorcycle is a relatively simple process. You start by attaching any of the attachments you’ve purchased onto the bottom brackets of your bike and then using them as a mounting point for the pedals themselves. The pedals will already have holes drilled into them that allow you to mount them in that position.

To add forward controls you need a specific kind of kit. There are some different attachments you can make use of, but most road kits will work for almost any bike. These attach directly to the bottom bracket of your bike and normally come with all the necessary hardware.

You can find many different styles of forwarding control motorcycles. If you’re looking for a motorcycle with a more casual feel, look no further than Can-Am Spyder Motorcycles – whose footrests are located ahead of the handlebars. For those who prefer something closer to what they know, Harley Davidson offers several options complete with a forwarding thrust motorcycle.

Advantages of Forward-Controls on Your Motorcycle

Shifter Level Mid Controls Bike

Forward controls greatly improve your bike’s stability and make it easier for you to control. This is why they’re preferred by many bikers, both amateurs and professional riders alike. Their main purpose is to simplify driving while also providing a more relaxed ride.

Adding forward controls offers a number of advantages that simply can’t be found on standard motorcycles. Some of these include:

1) More Control – As previously mentioned, having your feet closer to the ground will give you an incredible amount of control over your motorcycle at all times. Every little move you make with either foot will have a direct influence on how your bike responds to what you want it to do next. This allows for precise handling, especially when you’re travelling at high speeds. It helps that the weight of your legs is closer to your hands as well – giving you more leverage overall. If the distance between the foot pegs and the rear brake is long then it affects the riding position. Not everybody has a long leg length and many riders may face roadway hazards.

2) Easier Turns – Decisions on where to go next are greatly influenced by how much control your feet have over the movements of your motorcycle. By being able to turn sharper, brake with greater ease, and accelerate more quickly you’ll find yourself having a much easier time with your driving even if it’s just for casual purposes.

3) More Control Around Corners – With forwarding controls on motorcycles, there’s less friction between you and the seat so you can lean further away from it while still maintaining perfect balance. This means that turns will be made quickly and with no interference from the seat itself. You can easily compensate for a wider turn with a lean in that direction and then return to the upright position.

4) More Comfort – Without a doubt, forward controls on your motorcycle will offer more comfort overall. Aside from giving you added control, they also allow you to sit further back from the handlebars. This makes it easier for your body to absorb shock while riding or when you make contact with something along the road.

Sitting straight for about an hour on a long ride may make your feet flat. It is a more comfortable ride for bikes that have a lower seat height. Added foot controls help you to cover long distances on adv bikes easily. Forward controls also contribute to reduced stiffness. In fact, most long-distance riders prefer this kind of setup because it allows them to ride longer without experiencing pain in their back, neck, arms, and hands – which is common among those using standard motorcycles with normal seating positions.

5) Safety Benefits – Because you have better control and ride in a more relaxed manner, you’ll be able to react faster to any situation. This means you’ll be less likely to get into an accident and will also avoid reacting poorly if such an event should happen. You won’t get jittery or panicky after losing balance because your feet will always remain planted. It reduces stiffness and fatigue, which makes it easier for you to ride even if your intended destination is a long journey.


Forward controls motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular among riders who want to enjoy the power of a motorcycle without sacrificing comfort. They offer various benefits including more stability, easier turning, greater safety, and better control. These allow you to take on any kind of terrain with confidence since your feet will always be involved in your driving.

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With that said, forward controls are highly recommended for riders who enjoy long-distance trips and plan to go on them often. Without the proper setup, it can be extremely uncomfortable to ride for an extended period of time due to pressure against your legs, back, neck, arms, and hands. With forwarding controls motorcycles in place, however, you’ll find that these factors no longer play a big role and you’ll be able to focus on enjoying yourself instead.

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