How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Cover for You

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It’s important to protect your motorcycle from the elements like dirt, rain and the sun’s harmful rays. But which cover is the best fit and protection for a medium size motorcycle? Here I’ll talk about 5 different motorcycle covers, tell you which one I chose for myself and why I like it.

If you Tow Your Motorcycle

If you tow your motorcycle often, you’ll want a cover that can deal with the unique issues that towing presents. Personally, while living full-time in an RV, I tow my motorcycle everywhere I go. Here are a few features to look for in a cover when you tow.

A snug fit. You need a cover that won’t flap around in the wind or fill up like a parachute while traveling down the highway. The tighter the fit, the more it will protect your motorcycle from flying gravel and road grime. While it’s hard to keep the dust out completely, a snug fit will help reduce it.

You’ll want a cover that you can secure under the motorcycle, so you should look for one with straps at the bottom, or at the very lease grommets so you can secure it with a velcro strap, zip tie, or bungee cord.

Protection from rain is also a top concern. We all know how dirty our cars can get when driving in the rain. The same thing happens to your motorcycle when it’s on a trailer. All that dirt and oil from the road can splash up onto your motorcycle. So, look for a cover that is waterproof, and fits completely down to the bottom of the tires. This will reduce the amount of rain and crud flying up, under the cover and onto your bike.

If you Park it on the Street

If you live in the city, in an apartment complex, or you simply don’t have access to a garage or carport, you’re stuck parking your motorcycle on the street. This comes with its own set of issues, security being a big one.

Covering your bike will help deter motorcycle thieves, but what about the cover itself? It’s not uncommon for people living on the streets to “find” things and claim them. This could include your cover. So, make sure you get a cover that has grommets at the bottom that are large enough to fit a lock through. Lock the cover to your motorcycle wheel so it doesn’t walk away.

The cover should also be waterproof and heavy enough to battle the elements. It should be washable especially if you’ll be parking under a tree. Think of all the tree sap, bird droppings and other gunk that will end up on your motorcycle cover.

Another safety tip is to avoid covers with a motorcycle brand name. You don’t want to advertise what you have under the cover with a big logo like Ducati or BMW all over it.

If you Keep Your Motorcycle in the Garage

Parking your motorcycle in your garage is the best protection you can give your bike. It not only keeps it safe from the elements, but also prevents mousture build-up, keeps your bike out of thieving eyes and lowers your insurance rates.

But if you’re parking your bike in a garage do you really need a motorcycle cover? Yep, you bet! Even in a garage dust and moisture build-up are real issues for the longevity of your bike, particularly in warm and humid environments. Also, if you live in a high-rise apartment and are parking your bike in a basement garage, a motorcycle cover can offer an additional layer of protection from motorcycle theft. Motorcycle theft in basement garages is more common than you might think.

Travel Motorcycle Covers

When it comes to protecting your bike on the road, whether that’s camping or staying at a hotel weight, size and portability come into play. That’s why it’s hard to pass up the Nelson-Rigg Deluxe All Season Cover. This thing is hands-down the best travel motorcycle cover currently on the market. With aluminized fabric on the bottom of the cover, you can put the cover on your bike straight away without worrying about your muffler searing the material.

If you Park it Outside Your House

For a cover to protect your bike from the elements outside your house, you will save yourself a lot of coin compared to your travel motorcycle covers. Something to watch out for is that motorcycle covers designed for at-home use are usually looser than your other types of covers so be sure to watch it in windy situations. Using zip ties or bungee cord usually works the best in these situations.

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