Is it Dangerous to carry extra gas on a motorcycle?

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Many motorcyclists are worried about the safety of gas on a motorcycle. It’s understandable because when you’re driving at high speeds your bike can easily catch fire.

But is it really dangerous to carry extra gas on a motorcycle? The short answer, no, carrying extra gas in a gas safe container is perfectly safe.

But let’s give you the facts so that you can make an informed decision for yourself!

How to store gas on your bike?

This is actually something we have an entire article about. Click here to read more.

But in summary, the most popular is by using the extra Fuel bladders or Stackable fuel storage containers you attach to your motorcycle.

Can I use empty bottles or any container?

Absolutely not!

It’s important not to simply use any container that you want, using unsuitable containers can be really unsafe. As mentioned above, gas can be extremely flammable and when you’re driving at high speeds on your bike any small flame may easily become a full-blown fire.

What materials are best for carrying extra gas on your motorcycle?

We recommend using products that are specifically designed to store gas. They’re made from plastic or aluminum, which can resist the friction of your bike and won’t break when you get into a minor accident.

Are there any countries that do not allow you to carry extra gas on your motorcycle?

There are several countries that do not allow you to carry extra gas on your motorcycle, but it’s important to be aware of these laws before you travel.

The most common country is Thailand which prohibits any passengers from carrying a container with more than 500 milliliters or 17 fluid ounces of gasoline.

In the USA there are certain restrictions on what kind of gas can be carried. For example, you cannot carry gasoline in an open container or a container that’s greater than one gallon, such as five-gallon containers.

If you are traveling to a country or state that you haven’t been to before it is always best to find out what the laws are.

How much extra gas should I take on a motorcycle camping trip? Is there a limit?

The average fuel consumption of a motorcycle is 1.5 Gallons per 60 miles or 5.8 litres per 100 kilometres. So using this math, you should be able to work out how much extra gas you will need on a trip.

With regards to a maximum amount of extra gas you should carry, not really. However be sensible here, you just need to make sure that the extra weight of the gas is not impacting the way you are riding.

In summary, is it dangerous to carry gas on a motorcycle?

No, carrying extra gas on your motorcycle is perfectly safe when done properly. Just make sure that you’re using a gas safe container for all motorcycle trips, take the right amount, and make sure that you are legally allowed to carry the extra gas in the country you are riding.

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