Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle with a Clutch Fast!

Pulling clutch in while preparing to ride
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Ever wanted to ride a motorcycle only to realize that they are manual and you’ve never learned the clutch? No fear, for we are here to help! In this article, we will run you through the fastest and easiest way to ride a motorcycle with a clutch.

How to initiate riding a motorcycle with a clutch

  1. Pull the clutch in and hold in
  2. Push the gear shifter on your left foot down repeatedly till it does not go further
  3. Slowly ease onto the throttle (right hand) 1/3 or so of a twist and hold
  4. Release the clutch extremely slowly (over a 10-20 second period)

From there you’re moving! Be sure to hold onto that throttle to maintain speed and twist it to increase the speed.

How to Change Gears up on a Motorcycle

  1. Twist throttle until your revs hit 3/4 of the RPM gauge
  2. Release throttle
  3. Clutch in and hold in
  4. Push the gear shifter on your left foot up one gear
  5. Twist throttle 1/3 or so of a twist and hold
  6. Release the clutch extremely slowly (over a 10-20 second period)

Fantastic now you’re in second gear! Repeating the process will get you into third, fourth, and fifth gear.

How to Change Gears down on a Motorcycle

As they say, what goes up must come down and now you’re a pro at changing gears up, it’s time to come back down.

  1. Release the throttle
  2. Mirror Check to make sure you’re safe from behind
  3. Brake using front and rear brakes together to reduce speed
  4. Clutch in and hold in
  5. Push the gear shifter on your left foot down one gear
  6. Release the clutch extremely slowly (over a 10-20 second period)

Repeat these steps to keep changing gears down.

Now you’re off-off and away! Be careful to not just focus on changing gears but also where you are going, too many new riders spend too much time looking down when they should be looking up. Once you’re going keeping balance shouldn’t be an issue but if you do notice that your bike is wobbling a bit, click here to figure out how to correct this. Happy riding!

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daniel and sarah on motorcycle

Hi, I’m Daniel and behind me (in the photo) is my wife Sarah.

We are both travel addicts who love Motorcycles, Rock-Climbing and Camping.We love to explore everything the world has to offer

We will continue to provide even more valuable content that keeps you riding safely! Keep the rubber side down :-)

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