Learning To Ride Motorcycle: 5 Ways To Teach Yourself

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Many motorcycle riders have successfully taught themselves how to ride a motorcycle. In the past, the majority of people had to learn on their own how to ride a motorcycle because of a lack of alternatives.

It’s just that riding a motorcycle although, is similar to riding a bicycle, but a bit more dangerous. So, you have to be careful and like all driving lessons, you need to keep your senses sharp and be completely aware of your external surroundings.

The best way to teach yourself to ride a motorcycle is to hop on an actual motorcycle with an experienced rider present.

However, if you are determined to learn to ride all by yourself, you can teach yourself the basic skills of how to operate a motorcycle with books and videos as resources.

5 Ways to Teach Yourself How to Ride a Motorcycle

  • Get Yourself Proper Motorcycle Gear
  • Go to an Off-Road Park
  • Practice on Dirt Pits or Trails
  • Read Books and Watch Training Videos
  • Get a Cheap Motorcycle to Practice On
  • Be Patient

Get Yourself Proper Motorcycle Gear

Riding a motorcycle is not exactly like riding a bicycle. You should teach yourself how to ride a motorcycle with the proper gear, including thick boots, gloves, long pants, and padding in all of your joints and ribs.

Make sure you can’t feel anything uncomfortable when you walk around wearing all of your motorcycle gear. If something pinches or feels highly uncomfortable, the gear probably is too small or ill-fitting for serious riding.

It does not matter whether your gear matches your motorcycle or you look good in it. What matters is that every part of the gear protects you from an injury in the event of an unfortunate accident.

Go to an Off-Road Park

An off-road park is a great place to teach yourself how to ride a motorcycle.

Off-road parks teach you how to move beyond simple riding in a straight line and also teach you how to go over bumps, curves, hills, and jumps without going too fast or losing control of the bike. An experienced rider can give you pointers on how they do it by watching your progress from a distance.

Do not teach yourself how to ride on a busy street, especially if you are learning by yourself. This is because it will be difficult to learn the right skills without the help of an experienced rider.

Practice on Dirt Pits or Trails

You can teach yourself how to ride a motorcycle without the help of another person by practicing your skills on dirt trails or pits. You may need someone to teach you how to shift gears properly before you teach yourself how to do so, but after that, it is all up to you.

Practice riding at slow speeds while leaning over the handles and not using your breaks. Once you get used to maneuvering your motorcycle in this way, practice accelerating while still leaning over the handlebars until it feels comfortable for you. Then learn how to put the brakes on, without crashing into anything else around you.

Read Books and Watch Training Videos

Many people teach themselves how to ride a motorcycle by reading books and watching training videos.

There are many different ways you can teach yourself how to ride a motorcycle with the help of books, including buying a book on bike riding, setting up your classroom environment, or even getting an online guide.

Even if it seems that all of this information is useless to you at first glance, teach yourself what is useful and ignore the rest. There are a lot of videos on Youtube to help you out with but whenever you are learning from books and videos, you must take everything slowly, and use your common sense. Do not rush ahead too quickly!

Get a Cheap Motorcycle to Practice On

If you do not have the money right now to buy a good-looking and expensive motorcycle, it’s a boon for you, especially if you are looking to teach yourself how to ride a motorcycle.

A cheap, inexpensive motorcycle can teach you useful skills. The motorcyclist skill development process is the same as any other type of vehicle learning. You have to teach yourself how to take it easy at first, and progress to speedier driving as you get more familiar with the feel of the motorcycle.

With a cheap motorcycle, your first experiments will never be too risky since all you are risking is less money for this learning experience. There are many people out there who teach themselves how to ride using this method and they teach themselves successfully because it is easier for them to make mistakes on a used or a smaller bike.

Be Patient

One great thing about teaching yourself how to ride a motorcycle is that it teaches you how to be patient by fine-tuning your senses.

Teaching yourself how to ride can be difficult, even if you think you are ready. If at any point something feels hard or confusing, give yourself some time off before starting again.

Even if it means taking a day off from learning your self-riding skills. Come back tomorrow with a fresh mind and more patience on your side. You will be much more prepared in your mind, in that way.


Learning motorcycle skills can be done in many different ways, such as watching instructional videos or learning from another person.

Read books about riding motorcycles, watch training videos, and on top of everything, practice as much as possible.

Practice at slow speeds on dirt pits and trails, and take your time mastering each skill instead of rushing forward. For your practicing and learning days, always settle for an inexpensive motorcycle so that even if an accident happens, it does not burn a hole in your pocket, besides giving you physical injuries.

Always use good quality protective gear and be very careful when you teach yourself how to ride a motorcycle. You do not want your first experience on two wheels to end in a bad way!

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