Can A Motorcycle Exhaust Be Powder Coated? And Why You Shouldn’t

powder coated motorcycle exhaust

Modifying your motorcycle exhaust can be sort of a mixed bag. When it comes to its coating, it can be a tricky situation. An excellent way to improve your motorcycle exhaust is by coating it.

However, it is vital to know the right kind of coating that you can use on your motorcycle exhaust.

A majority of customers have complained about their motorcycles’ exhaust being painted with cheap paint that results in the paint coming off within just a few days of use or even if not used for some time, especially when exposed to heat and other harsh conditions.

Choose the Right Kind of Coating

Motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to get their bike’s exhausts coated should ensure that they choose high-quality spray paints meant for metals like stainless steel and aluminum. Some people opt for powder coating which offers excellent corrosion resistance properties. However, it has been noticed that most standard powder coats are not really up to the mark in terms of performance in motorcycles. That is due to the fact that motorcycles generate more heat than cars do; this additional heat speeds up any oxidation processes taking place. Any coating that is applied to the motorcycle’s exhaust must have good high-temperature properties.

Can Your Motorcycle Exhaust Be Powder Coated?

You can coat your motorcycle’s exhaust with either paint or powder. However, it is important for you to know that not all types of metal can be powder coated. It must be noted that some metals are not compatible with the high-temperature conditions required for curing. Aluminum and magnesium both heat up quickly and need an extremely high temperature to which they cannot bear. If these two metals are used in the manufacture of any metallic components, then no powder coating can ever be applied to them.

A powder coating shop will have a variety of powders available to them, and you should make sure that the powder used on your exhaust is meant for applications at high temperatures. It is vital that you ask a shop whether or not they use paints or powders on motorcycles’ parts.

In case you have been wondering if it’s possible to get your motorcycle’s exhaust coated with powder, then you may want to look into it from a repair shop specializing in motorcycle parts. They tend to be better informed about this area compared to other shops so feel free to contact them directly by visiting their website.

Advantages of Using Powder Coating on Your Exhaust

Powder coating provides an excellent coating of your exhaust. It is both abrasion and chemical resistant, which means that it can resist corrosion, scuffing, elastomeric solvents, and even mild acid. A normal paint on the other hand is not as good at preventing all of these things from happening to your motorcycle’s exhaust.

Using powder coating results in a surface that has a uniform thickness over the entire part. This ensures that heat transfer is minimized while also making sure that there are no weak points or areas where the metal may be exposed due to holes or scratches in the material. These are some benefits of using powder coatings overpaints on different types of applications including motorcycles’ parts like their exhausts.

Some motorcycle enthusiasts have also reported that after using powder coating on their motorcycles’ exhausts, the paint does not come off for a longer period of time. If you are planning to use your motorcycle frequently throughout the year, then this benefit may be something to keep in mind before getting your exhaust painted or powder coated.

With all these advantages associated with motorcycle parts being given a powder coating, it is evident that many people are now getting them done. And if yours should need some work done on it, then you too can get it to powder coated by taking it to an authorized repair shop that specializes in this area. They will give you options as to what kind of finish would look good on your bike’s particular model and will then proceed with giving its exhaust a powder finish.

Disadvantages of Using Powder Coating on Your Exhaust

Powder coating tends to cost more than using regular paint since it requires special equipment and tools to apply properly. Also, it takes longer for this type of coating to dry which makes turnaround time higher than normal. So if you need your exhaust done quickly, then powder coating may not be the best option because it will take quite some time before it’s ready. Another disadvantage is that it cannot be applied over some surfaces. Materials like aluminum, magnesium, and titanium cannot have powder coating done directly on them as the paint will not adhere to them as it normally should.


Powder coating provides a lot of benefits over regular paints for your motorcycle’s exhaust which is why many people use it now. If you want this type of coat on your motorcycle’s exhaust, then you can go ahead and contact a shop specializing in this area directly by visiting their website for more details about pricing and services.

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