How To Get A Motorcycle License In Florida?

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Has it been your dream to explore Florida on your motorcycle? I am sure you are not alone. There are many reasons that people love riding motorcycles. Some folks admire the open-air experience of cruising on a motorcycle, while others like the feeling of independence and relaxation it brings. Others simply like to feel young again by speeding down the highway at top speeds!

A motorcycle endorsement is a great way for a basic rider to get a learner’s license or other types of motorcycle licenses in the state of Florida. Complete a basic rider course and pass the motorcycle safety test to get a Florida motorcycle license.

So, if you would like your dreams to come true, read this article to learn about how to get a motorcycle license in Florida fast.

Is a Motorcycle Endorsement the Same as a Motorcycle License in Florida?

A motorcycle endorsement and a motorcycle license in Florida are not the same. The keyword motorcycle endorsement explained perfectly captures this distinction. In Florida, a motorcycle endorsement is an addition to your existing driver’s license, indicating that you are qualified to operate a motorcycle. In contrast, a motorcycle license is a standalone document that allows you exclusively to ride motorcycles. Hence, understanding the difference between the two is crucial for motorcyclists in Florida.

Approved Motorcycle Skills & Requirements to Get an Operator’s License in Florida

No other experience is as relaxing as cruising the highways of Florida with your friends. But for that, you need a motorcycle license like 600,000 other riders according to Florida law. A motorcycle safety course is mandatory to obtain Florida Driver’s license.

The requirements to get a motorcycle license in Florida are:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have a learner’s permit for 1 year with no traffic violations
  • Complete the BRCu or BRC per FL322.12
  • Take and pass your Class-E driving license knowledge examination
  • Submit proof of completing the BRCu or BRC course at tax collection offices
  • Pay the license fee

Applying for a Motorcycle License

Obtain a Learner’s Permit

Assuming you are 16 years old, to get a motorcycle license in Florida, the first thing you need to do is to obtain a learner’s permit by passing your written Class E knowledge examination for motorcycles at any tax collector office. This permit is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. It allows you to operate on Florida roads as long as an adult riding with you has a license and follows the three laws of motorcycling: Bikes smaller than yours should keep right Motorists must not turn left in front of you Riders must yield the right-of-way

To renew your motorcycle class E license, simply go back to the same office where you took it and pay $15. If you do not practice riding, your license will expire.

Pass Introductory Motorcycle Riding Course

The next step is to complete the Basic Ridercourse updated (BRCu) or Basic Rider Course (BRC), which will teach you the skills needed to ride safely. To be eligible for the basic rider course, you need to have a Florida Class E driver’s license and pass a basic skills test as set by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The BRC has three options: Motorcycle Only, Motorcycle/Automobile Combo, and Automobile Driving Only.

The price for this approved motorcycle skills course is between $99 and $300, depending on the location. Once you complete this course, you will receive your certificate that can be submitted to any driver’s license office for free.

Submit Documentation and Pay The Fee

After completing your basic rider’s course, visit DMV offices to get a copy of your course completion. Pay a $48 licensing fee and submit a “completed” course certificate, along with the learner’s permit application form, which you need to get from the DMV office or online at the official website of the department. You will then receive an interim license that is valid for 90 days from issuance, during which time you must go through the motorcycle skills test with the examiner who issues your license. If you pass this test, you will be issued an official Class E license!

Tips on Passing The Knowledge Test

For those who do not want to take a rider’s course or have already taken one elsewhere, it is also possible to make a written request for a knowledge exam by submitting a Florida Rider Education Certificate (FRED) form. The examiner will give you the motorcycle knowledge exam on a touch-screen computer that is available at all driver license offices throughout Florida.

This written test has 20 questions (25 for those who took their riding class outside of Florida) and your final score depends on how many of them you answer correctly. You need to answer at least 80% or 16 out of 20 questions correctly to pass it. If not, you can retake the exam as often as you would like so long as there is more than one day before the expiration of your permit. Please note: If your course instructor gives you a certificate with “not eligible” stamped on it, bring the document back to the DMV or driver license office and let an examiner know about it; she may be able to waive the exam requirement.


A motorcycle license is not difficult to get in Florida: To begin, you must take and pass the knowledge test and be at least 16 years old. After that, complete a basic rider course – either Motorcycle or Motorcycle/Automobile Combo – and submit your course completion certificate to any driver’s license office.

Experienced riders can have a commercial license with motorcycle insurance to legally operate or ride a motorcycle in the sunshine state.

Finally, practice riding for a least six months then schedules your motorcycle skills test with the examiner who issues your license. And you are all set to explore Florida!

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