Do You Need A Motorcycle License For A Grom?

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To ride a Honda Grom you will need a motorcycle license. Honda Grom is one of the most popular motorcycles available today, which falls under the category of 125 CC variants of a motorcycle. And with all motorcycles, you need a full motorcycle license.

It is a powerful scooter that is smaller in size and lowers in height, compared to motorcycles but riders of all ages do love Honda Grom’s comfort of riding, along with the specs of the scooter and features available to the rider.

In this article, we will discuss in detail whether you need a motorcycle license to ride a Honda Grom, do you need a license to buy one, and is Honda Grom is a Street Legal bike or not.

Do You Need a Motorcycle License for a Honda Grom?

To legally ride a Honda Grom in the USA you will need a motorcycle license.

Since the bike is a 125 CC variant, a rider will need an A1 motorcycle license to ride the bike as such a license is mandatory for riding any motorcycle that has an engine of 125 CC.

Some states might not require the rider to have an A1 motorcycle license, but that will still be a mandatory requirement in other states. Some states do not require the rider to carry any license if they are riding a machine of 50 CC. On the other hand, some states have made riding up to a 125 CC motorcycle free i.e. they won’t require a standard driver’s license.

Do You Need a Motorcycle License to Buy Honda Grom?

This is a tricky one. The short answer is no, you do not need a motorcycle license to buy the bike, however, you will need a motorcycle license to ride one.

But state laws differ and some might require you to go through a certain probation period (for example for 6 months) after which they will issue you with your final license whereas other states will allow an individual to drive the Grom immediately once it’s brought in your home garage.

Also, many states have different regulations for buying a used motorcycle i.e. if the motorcycle is bought from a dealership then one will be required to carry their license but if someone sells or gives away their old motorcycle then there won’t be any necessity of carrying any license while riding on it.

Is A Grom a Bike or a Scooter?

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A Grom is a motorcycle, not a scooter. Even though it is small, it is a small motorcycle and very much not a scooter. Grom which when translated to English means “fun”. Grom is actually called MSX 125 in Japan. The bike was introduced back in 2013 and immediately gained popularity worldwide.

The Grom has an engine capacity of 124.9 CC that offers about 9.7 HP power output at 7000 RPM along with 10.9 NM of torque at 5500 RPM.

It’s interesting to note that the transmission mechanism on Grom consists of 6 speeds manual gearbox with no option for an automatic transmission. This is distictly different to a scooter which has an automatic transmission and can be ridden on a drivers license.

Grom weighs around 101.7 kgs (dry weight) whereas its maximum carrying capacity is 136 kgs i.e. it can carry two riders easily without any problem.

Many riders prefer this scooter not because they do not want to ride a motorcycle ut simply because they love the functions of it in terms of smaller size and lower height which help the rider to maneuver the vehicle in tight spaces.

Also, many riders use this motorcycle for stunt purposes as they love the power of the bike along with the size and ability of its disc brakes.

Do You Need an M1 License to Ride Honda Grom?

Since the bike is a 125 cc sports variant, one needs to have an A1 motorcycle license or equivalent to ride Honda Grom.

The good news for our readers is that there’s no such thing as an M1 class in the USA and thus you don’t need an M1 license to ride Grom i.e. you can simply get your A1 license and you’re good to go!

Yes, Honda Grom is street legal.

Since the engine capacity of this motorcycle/scooter is around 124 CC which falls in the A1 class, it can be driven on public roads without any problem – whether you’re riding a brand new one or an older version. For those on their learner’s permit, a grom is perfect to practice your skills test.

How Much Does it Cost to Insure a Honda Grom?

The cost to insure a Honda Grom is not much. You can expect to spend around $80-$85 per month if you’re under 25 years of age.

However, if you’re above 25 years of age then the cost will go down to around $50-$60 per month because the rates are usually cheaper for older riders compared with younger ones.

Whilst the Grom is a fun machine, they can be dangerous since they are a full-powered motorcycle, that’s why a motorcycle endorsement is needed and most insurance companies consider them a fully-rated bike.


Now that you know everything about this street-legal motorcycle, don’t you think not owning one is a crime?

With amazing performances on the road and lower rates to insure, and a dam right fun approach to motorcycling, the Grom is one of those motorcycles which might be called ‘perfect’! If you go online you’ll find a forum community dedicated to Groms for both tall, short, male and female people.

Grom owners love to post videos on the forum community of how much fun they have. You’ll see top speed tests here, trending content, and states requirements for who can ride and with what licenses.

If someone asks you whether they should buy Honda Grom or some other sports bike, your answer would be an obvious “YES” because there’s no better option than both design-wise as well as performance-wise.

With respect to price, this “fun machine” can be afforded by almost everyone out there – whether rich or poor. So all in all, the combination of these factors makes it clear why Honda Grom is loved globally!

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