Motorcycle Paint Job Cost For A Motorcycle Gas Tank: Professional Vs. DIY

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If you are a motorcyclist who likes to do things on their own, you know for sure that painting your motorcycle gas tank all by yourself is a lot of fun. If you know what paints to use, the cost involved, and how you can get that cool shiny look, a motorcycle paint job becomes even more exciting.

Also, motorcycle gas tanks have a lot of curves and bends located at the bottom side. So giving your gas tank a paint job without any proper knowledge or experience can be frustrating as well if you are not at all familiar with the process.

First and foremost, let’s start with the cost that is involved in the entire process.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Motorcycle Tank?

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A nice paint job on the gas tank of your motorcycle needs time, money, and of course, effort.

The average price of a paint job when done by an expert ranges between $300 to $1,500. However, many factors go into account and ultimately it depends on what you want to be painted, what appearance do you want to settle for, and finally, how difficult the paint job is.

For example, if a regular or standard paint job done by an expert costs you around $300 to $1,500, a customized paint job will be on the higher side of $600 to $3,000. And believe it or not, depending on your skills and effort, the same quality custom paint jobs can be done by DIY methods which will cost you somewhere between $100 and $500.

The one thing with a DIY paint job is that you will have to have a detailed knowledge of the paints that you will be using, the process of painting, and even about the different kits that come with different paint cans. Until and unless you know exactly what you are going to do in order to achieve your desired look, it is fair to say that DIY methods will cost you more and will give you more frustration if the look does not complement the appearance you had imagined before.

So, you need to be absolutely sure and your decisions should be educated and well-informed.

Professional Methods Vs DIY Methods

If you are looking for a motorcycle gas tank paint job done professionally, the pros include the following factors.

A good paint job will cost you less to repair. This is especially true if your motorcycle gas tank has been scratched or damaged over time.

To professionally paint a motorcycle gas tank will provide an excellent finish. This is particularly true if you are looking for long-lasting results that require little maintenance over time. Usually, to professionally paint a motorcycle you will go to a paint shop, just google ‘paint shop for motorcycle near me’ and sort by reviews.

A motorcycle gas tank painting done by professionals will guarantee the best possible experience for your motorcycle. They have years of experience, knowledge, and skills that they can apply to achieve your desired look every single time. Professional motorcycle painters have access to better paints so they can help you achieve better finishes. More importantly, motorcycle gas tanks are not easy to paint especially if you do not have the right knowledge on the amount of paint that needs to be put over the tank.

Professional motorcycle gas tank painting can also be cost-effective for motorcycle owners who want to maintain their motorcycle but don’t know how to paint motorcycle gas tanks.

Now let’s take a closer look at the DIY painting of your motorcycle gas tank.

DIY painting of your motorcycle gas tank offers a lot of flexibility especially if you have the right information and tools to do a motorcycle gas tank paint job.

The downside is that it takes a lot of effort and time on your part. A regular paint job, DIY style, may also require a significant investment depending on your choice of the motorcycle paint job and if you do not know what to do or what to buy.

In a DIY paint job, you get to use your imagination in order to achieve the look that you want for your motorcycle. You can create intricate patterns or styles that will go well with your motorcycle design. In fact, you can even give a vintage look so this method is especially good for motorcycle owners who want their motorcycle designs looking older than they actually are without having to waste extra cash and time getting it refinished professionally by experts.

DIY always gives you flexibility and can save you a lot of money. When settling for DIY methods, always remember to buy good quality paints, and whether you are using a paint sprayer or paint can do not go cheap on the paint.

The downside of DIY motorcycle gas tank paint job is that motorcycle paint jobs are complicated especially motorcycle gas tanks due to the roundness of the motorcycle parts. The motorcycle owner will need to know all about motorcycle paint jobs before he can do motorcycle gas tank painting by himself. If you don’t have the right knowledge, skills, and tools for motorcycle tank painting, DIY methods can actually cost you more than what professional motorcycle painters would charge because it takes more time and effort for you.

The best thing to do is practice your skills and techniques beforehand. There are no shortcuts in DIY methods and the more you practice to hone your skill, the better it will be for your motorcycle gas tank in adorning that creative look of yours.

The Best Paints to Use on a Motorcycle Gas Tank

  1. Dupli-Color Aerosol Paint
  2. High Volume Low Pressure Sprayers (HVLP)

Dupli-Color Aerosol Paint

Dupli-Color is a motorcycle gas tank paint that offers motorcycle gas tank paints in aerosol forms. It also comes with precise spray technology to give you the best motorcycle painting experience.

The best thing about Dupli-color aerosol paint is the quality that comes with it. If done correctly, people are sure to notice your gas tank and they will even ask you from where have you got that professional look.

One can of Dupli-color aerosol paint costs you somewhere between $9 and $10. So, on the cost front, it cannot get any cheaper. The spray patterns are amazing that come out from the nozzle and work superbly on rounded surfaces.

Another great thing about this paint is that the tip of the can rotate a complete 90 degrees. This is extremely useful especially when you do not have enough room for maneuver. Also, Dupli-color aerosol paints can be used both in hot and cold weather.

High Volume Low Pressure Sprayers (HVLP)

High Volume Low Pressure sprayers, or HVLP for short, are good motorcycle paints that provide professional results. The motorcycle paint job produced by a High Volume Low Pressure sprayer provides an even and uniform motorcycle gas tank finish while being easier to use than many other methods of motorcycle paint jobs.

A motorcycle gas tanks painted with high volume low-pressure sprays cost less time and money so it is a fast way to achieve good results when it comes to motorcycle tank painting especially if you’re doing motorcycle gas tank painting by yourself.

Aerosol Vs HVLP

There is a huge price difference between these motorcycle paints. HVLP motorcycle paint costs less than aerosol motorcycle paint mostly because you do not have to buy the compressor and spray gun separately. You can just buy motorcycle paint in an HVLP form as it comes with its own sprayer so there really isn’t much difference when it comes to price.

The downside of using an HVLP motorcycle paint is that it does not deliver as good results as those from high-quality aerosol motorcycle paints especially for intricate designs and patterns that need a lot of detailing work. There are also some risks involved when using motorcycle paints like overspray which can be hazardous or flammable materials that may harm the environment if handled incorrectly.

With aerosol motorcycle paints, the motorcycle owner can control and adjust the paint sprayer nozzle while using it to get better motorcycle gas tank painting results. Aerosol motorcycle paints are perfect for a custom paint job on your fuel tank.

Please note that motorcycle fuel tanks are made of fiberglass which is different from metal motorcycle gas tanks. Metals are usually painted by using heat guns. Using heat on fiberglass can cause damage to the tank especially if you do not know what you are doing.

Whatever you do, don’t use some old paint, leftover old paint never works the same as new stuff. The actual cost of painting a motorcycle will be more than you think. But don’t skimp out on new paint. Several factors will give you the perfect paint job and these include the right tools, actual painting experience, and more time than you expect. Preparation work beats dirty work


Motorcycle Gas Tank Painting Requires Skills, experience, and the right knowledge. And a custom paint job takes even more experience.

Motorcycle gas tanks are not easy to paint especially those that are not flat like motorcycle fenders or motorcycle frames. You will need a number of skills in order to do a good job when painting a motorcycle tank.

These include the ability to use the right motorcycle paints, cleaning your motorcycle parts properly before motorcycle painting, having the patience for motorcycle painting, understanding how to apply multiple layers of motorcycle paint jobs correctly while being meticulous with every step so as not to miss out any section.

The best way motorcycle gas tank painting is to do it yourself using high volume low-pressure sprayers or aerosols if you are good with your hands, have the patience for motorcycle painting, and don’t mind spending time for motorcycle tank painting.

The benefits are that this method saves money because it provides value for cost while giving you plenty of room for creativity. If you do not want the hassle, and are after just a regular paint job, you can leave the paint job to professionals who know how to put the paint quickly without compromising on the results.

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