How To Park A Motorcycle: 6 Motorcycle Parking Tips

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If you are a rider who primarily uses the motorcycle for daily commuting or for weekend trips, chances are that your thrilling riding experiences are highly limited. Most of the time you have to worry about parking your motorcycle in a safe parking space and taking it out safely from a tight parking spot.

The parking rules for motorcycles apply to all riders. They only differ based on country and state. Motorcycle parking etiquette comes with experience. A motorcycle owner can choose the same space for angle parking their motorcycles regularly or park in places where they may be issued a parking ticket for the wrong spot. The motorized vehicle has a side stand that can help riders to park their motorcycles using just one wheel. The front wheel is lifted if you choose to use the main stand to park. Parallel parking is a great option for riders. The rules may differ based on the parking spot. Do not park close to other motorcycles or park them at a wrong angle. It can cause damage to your motorcycles and others’ as well. Park a motorcycle keeping some distance from the other vehicle around. Other drivers will have enough room to enter and exit. Back wheel parking uses the side stand. You can park either on one wheel or two wheels based on your preference. Other riders can prefer different angles but most motorcyclists park the motorcycle in a safe space.

But sometimes, finding a safe and sound parking space or an empty parking lot is like a dream come true. If you do not get to park your motorcycle in a safe place, you are always worried about how are you going to find your motorcycle when you come back – will it be secured or will it be laying on the ground due to a fall?

Here in this article, we will provide you with the best tips on how to park a motorcycle so that it is safe in the parking space when you come back for the ride.

6 Motorcycle Parking Tips

  1. Choose a Safe Location
  2. Always Park on Solid Surfaces
  3. Put the Tires Against the Curb
  4. Park at an Angle to the Curb
  5. Consider How You’re Going to Get Out
  6. Always Secure Your Motorcycle with Steering Lock

Choose a Safe Location

The first of our motorcycle parking tips is to choose a safe location to park your motorcycle. Make sure that the spot you have chosen has thick and solid ground below it, so that there is very little chance of your bike falling on its side due to loose gravel or sand.

Also, make sure that the surface where you park your bike doesn’t get wet too often as this can be harmful to the tires and also adds up wear and tear over time.

If possible, try finding a place with soft grass around it as this will prevent dirt accumulation on the engine and other parts of the engine. Also, never use any type of bedding material when parking your motorcycle – you do not want anything that might slide under the tire when riding out.

Always Park on Solid Surfaces

When parking your motorcycle, try to use only solid surfaces that are made of cement or pavement.

It is just not worth the risk to park it on gravel, sand, or any other loose surface since this increases the chances of your tires slipping while riding out and thus creating an accident.

Also, if there are any potholes in the surface where you’ve parked your bike, they can cause damage to some part of your engine which will cost more money to fix.

Put The Tires Against the Curb

When looking for a place for your motorcycle to be parked, make sure that the area behind the bike has enough space for both wheels.

If you leave one wheel up against a wall or another obstacle it might fall over when moving the bike.

Another reason to put the tires against the curb is that it will stop thieves from being able to push or tow your motorcycle away.

Park at an Angle to the Curb

When parking your motorcycle, always try and park it at an angle to the curb instead of parallel to it. This makes it more difficult for someone to move your bike without your knowledge.

Plus, if you are parked at an angle and there is a car next to you, the driver will be able to get in and out of their car with ease – something that they might not be able to do if your bike is parked parallel to them.

Consider How You’re Going To Get

When parking your motorcycle, always think about how you’re going to get out.

If there is a car parked next to you, will you be able to open your bike’s sidecar and get in without hitting the car? If not, then try to find a spot where there is more space on either side of the bike.

If your motorcycle is quite heavy, then do not park it on a slope as while getting out, it could be very difficult for you to push your bike against the steep incline.

Always Secure Your Motorcycle with Steering Lock

The last of our motorcycle parking tips is to always use a steering lock to secure your bike. This will prevent someone from being able to move it without your knowledge.

Plus, it will also stop thieves from being able to ride away on your motorcycle.

Even if you are parking your motorcycle on a spot that is open to public eyes, never forget to lock your steering. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.


Parking your motorcycle in the right way and at the right place is very important for its performance and safety.

Using our motorcycle parking tips will help you get better results from your motos, whether they be on the race track or on a highway. So follow them carefully to make sure that you are maximizing your driving experience with ease.

Happy Riding to you!

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