Why Are Motorcycle Shops Closed On Mondays?

Motorcycle stores are usually closed on Mondays. When you’re dying to get your hands on a new set of bar-end mirrors for your KTM Adventure, it’s frustrating that the only place in town to buy them is also closed. Motorcycle stores are usually closed on Mondays.

The reasons are simple: when dealers have been open every day of the week since they opened their doors decades ago, it’s hard not to fall into a pattern of closing on Mondays as well. It rarely happens that a bike shop has a closed Sunday. But some owners open on Monday as an exception, so be sure you know where you can find them before venturing out on a holiday weekend or summer Saturday afternoon.

8 Reasons Why Motorcycle Shops Are Closed on Mondays

1) It’s a Tradition

2) Dealers Are Just Straight-Up Tired

3) More Time for Their Family

4) It’s Kind of Like Paying Tribute

5) The Traffic Isn’t Worth It

6) Parts Just Aren’t Available for Sale on Mondays

7) Fewer Customers Motorcycling on Mondays

1. It’s a Tradition

Where dealers don’t have much of an excuse for closing on Mondays, longstanding tradition is still the most common reason that shops close their doors on day six of the week. When a dealer has been open every day since they opened up decades ago, it’s hard not to fall into a pattern of closing on Mondays as well. The same goes for motorcycle stores that only stay open until noon or 2 pm and close at 5 pm – this traditional schedule can almost always be found during the summer months when riders are out enjoying the nice weather instead of being stuck inside working at their computer.

2. Dealers Are Just Straight-Up Tired

Running your own business isn’t easy – especially when you’re responsible for everything from making sure the front door is locked at night to negotiating deals. With an already-packed schedule of days open and hours worked, many shop owners want to take a day off after spending their Saturday dealing with customers. If you’ve ever owned your own business, you know exactly how this feels.

3. More Time for Their Family

Owners who have enough money in the bank to afford their shop staying closed on Mondays are more likely to choose that day as “family time.” After long workdays or even weekends spent working on bikes, some simply prefer quality time with loved ones over being stuck inside at work all day long.

4. It’s Kind of Like Paying Tribute

A lot of motorcycle stores are closed on Mondays because it’s their “day of rest.” It was different when they were working, but now that they’re running their own shop, dealers are choosing to honour the 6 days that God gave us. Of course, there are always practical reasons for closing on Mondays too.

5. The Traffic Isn’t Worth It

A lot of motorcycle stores are closed on Monday because even though they drive a good deal of business on weekends, any time spent checking out new inventory or handling paperwork is more than offset by the traffic during the other five days of the week. At least one dealer states that he never stays open past 2 pm anyway – not worth it! It’s also true that many dealers find themselves with extra free time when everyone else takes Monday off.

6. Parts Just Aren’t Available for Sale on Mondays!

Many motorcycle stores are closed on Mondays because the parts they sell just aren’t available that day of the week. The supply chain just doesn’t work over the weekend, so opening a shop isn’t worth it if there’s nothing to sell. While this reason might not be common, it goes to show how reliant dealers can be on distributors and manufacturers who need to restock before they open their doors again. In case of emergencies, you may have to order parts of the right size from LLC DBA internet brands and search through the navbar menu. Additionally, it may not be delivered on the same day.

7. Fewer Customers Motorcycling on Mondays

One of the reasons why bike shops remain closed on Mondays is that there are fewer customers for motorcycling. According to Cycling World, fewer motorcyclists ride their bikes on Mondays because they’re recovering from the weekend’s riding. When you add in the drop-off in sales due to holiday weekends and summer months when people are out of town, Monday suffers the biggest hit.

Most owners work on Sundays and the customers enjoy riding for long hours during the weekend. It makes sense if a shop is closed after a busy sale day or race day.

Can a Closed Motorcycle Shop Be the Reason Why My Motorcycle Won’t Start?

Can a closed motorcycle shop be the reason why your motorcycle won’t start? While a closed shop may hinder your ability to get professional assistance, there are various motorcycle starting problems and solutions that you can explore before panicking. It could be a simple issue like a dead battery, faulty spark plugs, or fuel delivery problems. Checking these areas and troubleshooting them might help you get your motorcycle up and running again.


Several bike shops are closed on a Monday morning because of tradition and the fact that there is less opportunity to interact with customers. Google search threads show accurate Pacific Northwest dates and times for 7 days a week on the display results. Some dealers find it difficult or even undesirable to be open on Mondays because they can not keep up with the workload on weekdays, so closing shop for a day lets them catch up on their work due to which they prefer opening their shops on Tuesday morning.

They continue work through Wed Thu Fri either for 6 days or 5 days a week. Local dealership stores keep the bike shops closed for a maximum of 2 days in a week. Sun Mon is the slowest day for bike shops and a local dealer would prefer to work on a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.

Keeping your shop open 24/7 is a lot of work, and most dealers would rather spend their day off relaxing. If you need parts or other supplies on a Monday, it is best you call around at various shops to find out which ones are closed on Mondays before driving across town.

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