What Is A Motorcycle Squid?

motorcycle squid

People ride a motorcycle for various reasons. Some ride for the love and passion of it, while some ride out of their need to travel. No matter the kind of rider you are, knowing the basic rider etiquette when you hit the road is important. Treat your fellow motorcycle riders with respect and be aware of your surroundings.

But then, as you know, not all riders are the same. There are some motorcycle riders who are extremely irresponsible and dangerous, not using their common sense while riding on the road and we call them squid. Squids ride in a reckless manner and often endanger their own lives and the lives of other riders around them.

Squid is not a tentacle creature but is a term that stands for Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, Ignorant, and Dangerous.

What is a Motorcycle Squid?

As silly as it sounds, a motorcycle squid is actually a silly person who decides to become a motorcycle rider and behave like a squid on the road.  

Squids ride in a reckless manner, weave dangerously between lanes of traffic, endanger themselves and other riders around them. The term “squid” was given because squids are known for their small size, lack of brains (or thought), and aggressive behavior underwater.

The same can be said about motorcycle squids that ride on the road; they are reckless drivers who act with no regard for their lives or the lives of others on the road. They are mostly irresponsible riders who do not follow the rules of the road or use their common sense.

They like to break traffic laws and often pull dangerous stunts in front of other riders and vehicles, hence putting themselves and others around them at high risk. They ignore lane-splitting laws; they weave dangerously in between cars; they speed on the freeway; they play with their gadgets while riding, and they ride without wearing helmets. Quite simply, a motorcycle squid is a common road hazard that needs to be aware of what they’re doing when riding.

How Do You Know If Someone is a Squid?

Unprotected Underage boy Riding Motorcycle

When motorcycle riders act like a jerk while on their motorcycle, it is loud and clear that the person is a squid. The motorcycle-riding style of a squid include:

Riding at High Speeds

Most squids enjoy riding fast and taking risks. They find excitement in speeding on busy roads and weaving dangerously through traffic usually using a sport-bike. Just because they are riding fast, doesn’t mean that they have a huge amount of riding skills.

Squids are not the same as serious racers as they usually take out most of their energy on the track whereas, squids still enjoy their fast and dangerous riding.

Riding Very Close to Cars

Squid riders often behave like bullies who threaten other drivers by sitting dangerously close to their car or motorcycle.

Riding the Wrong Way

Squid Toy

Confused squid riders often ride down a one-way street going against traffic. They also ride on sidewalks and through pedestrian crossings which are both dangerous and illegal.

Riding Without a Gear

Many squids believe that they are invulnerable to harm while riding so they don’t bother to wear protective gear like helmets for safety at all. Often Squids wear little to no protective gear or no protective clothing at all. Sometimes they will go wearing shorts and shirts, sometimes they go shirtless, this will give them no protection if they get into crashes and accidents.

Taking Unnecessary Risks

Many squids like to engage in dangerous stunts while riding on the road. They may ride two on a bike; pull wheelies; drive with their feet on the handlebar, and engage in other reckless behavior.

Gawking at Others

Squids like making intense eye contact with fellow riders or drivers on the road. They will often stare you down for a prolonged period to intimidate people.

Consequences of Being a Squid

Whether they realize it or not, motorcycle squids create new dangers on the road by acting stupidly and irresponsibly. Not only do squids put themselves at risk but also their fellow riders as well as drivers, therefore causing motorcycle accidents.

If you’re a squid, you can be arrested for your behavior. In many cities and states, riding against traffic on a one-way street or driving without wearing a helmet is tantamount to reckless driving, an offense that often results in the seizure of your motorcycle until all fines are paid.

Many road accidents have been caused by squids who weave dangerously among lanes of traffic and accelerate recklessly without regard for oncoming drivers. Riding a motorcycle is an immense responsibility, and it has severe effects if not taken seriously.

How to Avoid a Motorcycle Squid?

You can avoid a motorcycle squid by keeping your distance from him or her. Be sure you know when it is safe to pass one because he or she might suddenly change lanes and cause an accident. If you sense that a squid is on the road, avoid riding close to him or her.

If you notice an unsafe rider, call immediately and report the squid’s location and behavior to authorities. You can also share your concerns on social media such as Facebook and Twitter about their reckless driving by tagging local authorities in your posts.

Squids will not disappear anytime soon, so we need to keep our eyes peeled and stay safe on the roads.


To become a responsible motorcycle rider and help motorcycle communities, you first have to understand that riding a motorcycle requires a lot of focus on what’s going on around you. There are no shortcuts. It takes constant awareness of your surroundings to avoid dangerous situations.

Put in the effort and develop good riding habits that will ensure your safety on the road. If you are a young motorcyclist be careful and stay aware of your surroundings when riding just in case a squid pops out unexpectedly. Ride safe!

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