7 Things To Know About A Motorcycle With High Handlebars

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Custom-built bikes with high-rise handlebars have been a thing since the ’60s. This has eventually led to manufacturers taking a liking for high handlebars in motorcycles.

These motorcycles were designed with cruiser riders in mind, who prefer a laid-back riding position. People often modify their motorcycles to fit this style, but it’s not the only reason why motorcycles with high handlebars are built. They are often used to make riding comfortable.

A motorcycle with high handlebars is not for everyone though, so here are a few things you should know before buying one.

7 things to know about a motorcycle with high handlebars

1. Self-rise the bike when you stop using it

The first thing you will notice about a motorcycle with high handlebars is that they have low ground clearance which makes them difficult to balance during stops. In order to keep your bike from tipping over, you will need to get off the bike and lift the front wheel into the air yourself every time you want to stop. This can be done by either supporting it on one of your legs or parking blocks when available.

2. You will never drop your motorcycle by accident

Motorcycles with high handlebars are heavy and the taller they are, the easier it is to lose control of them. You can avoid this by always making sure that you know where your front wheel is at all times when riding – keep your eyes up! Plus, even if you do happen to make a mistake, it won’t be as bad since you will likely stay on top of the bike until it comes to a complete stop.

3. Let others ride your motorcycle before you take it out

The learning curve for motorcycles with high handlebars can be steep since riders who are not used to riding one were most likely brought up on low-rise bars bikes which have caused them to develop certain riding techniques over the years. If someone crashes your motorcycle, you will most likely have a hard time inheriting it after that person is done with it.

4. Practice braking on a safe surface

The braking force of motorcycles with high handlebars leans mainly on the hands and not the knees as with low-rise handlebars bikes. This can cause some riders to use their legs as if they were using a car or truck brake pedal – this is incorrect! In order to avoid damaging the rear wheel as well as hurting yourself in an accident, always make sure you know how much pressure you need to apply for breaking safely before hitting the road.

5. Never rely solely on the center stand when parking

Motorcycles with high handlebars have a weird balance point that makes it difficult to use their centers and in order to park them up, especially if you attempt to do this around a corner where it is harder to stand on. Instead of risking leaning the bike over while trying to pull it off its kickstand by force, make sure you know how much effort is needed for lifting any motorcycle properly before taking it out.

6. Expect turn signals to be ignored when they are activated

Motorcycles with high handlebars will place the turn indicator lights very close or even above head height which can cause problems for other motorists since they might not be looking at that height while driving. To avoid this, you should either buy yourself a good pair of riding glasses with flip-down inner lenses or use hand signals whenever you are turning.

7. Motorcycles with high handlebars are not for everyone

Motorcycles with high handlebars are typically styled to look more like cruisers than regular sport bikes which have lower bars. This is because manufacturers have decided to go for a specific market when designing these types of machines so it would be best if you knew what your needs were before making your decision about buying one or not. Don’t let these things scare you away though – some riders love having motorcycles with high handlebars and swear by them even though others might disagree!


If you are not looking for any performance improvement, it is better you leave the handlebar as it is. In case you are thinking of changing it, make sure that the new handlebars are designed for your motorcycle model and year.

Finally, modify at your own risk. What works for some might not work well with others. Before making a decision about modifying your motorcycle’s handlebar or any other part, always research first to avoid buying faulty parts that might do more harm than good.

Be sure you have all the proper equipment before riding your motorcycle to avoid accidents and injuries, learn how to use it properly so you won’t damage the machine or cause injury to yourself. If you are looking for a good motorcycle that will suit your needs then check out the different types of motorcycles available.

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