Best Beginner Motorcycle for Women: 7 Easiest Learn To Ride Bikes

To be honest, motorcycles are unisex and all women can practically ride all motorcycles. However, as a beginner rider, there are some uncertainties like whether to buy a small bike, a lightweight bike, a speedy bike, or a cheap bike that go through the minds of new riders.

Today, there are so many well-designed motorcycles available on the market that there are plenty of options to choose from if you are a beginner rider. Although there are no specifically designed motorcycles for women per se, there are a few motorcycles that are more suitable for beginner riders, from the perspective of their height and weight.

This article will provide you with a list of such motorcycles that basically anybody can ride but are specifically a great choice for female riders who are looking to buy their first motorbike to kickstart their riding life

Best Starter Women's Motorcycles for 2023

Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Best Kawasaki Option

Kawasaki Ninja is a sports bike that is extremely lightweight, readily available, highly affordable, and the seat height can easily be lowered to make it adjustable for women riders with short height.


The Kawasaki Ninja 250 gives beginner riders a wonderful opportunity to brush up their riding skills. The sturdy built of the bike keeps the maintenance cost low and it is very nimble which makes it a favorite among beginner riders to zip around the town for their first starter bike.

These bikes are best if you are looking to build up your confidence before moving to a bigger and faster bike. The look of the bike can also be customized to suit your personality.

Best Honda Option

The Honda NC 700S is another great option for female riders who are looking forward to buying their very first bike. It’s comfortable, affordable, nimble, and lightweight.


The Honda NC 700S has a distinctive look and is designed specifically to build the confidence of beginners. Its swift handling property makes it extremely easy to control even if you are riding at a very high speed.

The Dual Clutch Transmission Technology of Honda makes gear-changing feel like a breeze when you are riding this bike and this means you will be really enjoy riding the motorcycle whether you are going around the busy towns or going on a long-riding-trip in the nature trail.

Best Harley Davidson Option

The Harley Davidson Sportster 833 is the most versatile option for beginner women riders. For starters, it comes with the brand loyalty of Harley Davidson, and then it is very affordable, highly reliable in terms of performance, and is suitable for almost all body types and heights.


The Harley Davidson Sportster 833 has a lot of power in its engine to give you the desired thrill of riding. The power of the bike is extremely manageable as well which makes it a favorite among beginners. The only drawback that one can think of is the small gas tank of the motorcycle.

So, the motorcycle might not be suitable for long journeys until and unless you have sufficient fuel backup but if you want to experience the perks of a ‘Harley Life’, this bike is the one for your confident riding life. If you’re really set on getting a Harley Davidson but not the sportster, try having a look at the Harley Davidson Street Glide. The Harley Davidson Street Glide is a really great runner up.

Best Racing Option

If you are planning to buy a bike with long-distance touring in mind, then as a woman you need not look further than the Yamaha R6. You will get the comfort of riding along with the option of taking it out for races or other adventurous trips with your friends.


The Yamaha R6 is the perfect option for female riders who want their first bike to have a catchy look along with its ability to go on long adventurous trips. It is lightweight, comfortable to ride, and provides a high degree of precision in terms of control and maneuvering.

Best Cruise Option

The Honda Shadow Spirit 750 C2 is a cruiser motorcycle that is great for female riders who are just starting out on their riding lives. These bikes are particularly famous among the riders’ circle for their practical operations and comfortable feel.


The Honda Shadow Spirit 750 C2 has a sleek design and a sporty look to complement its comfortable riding style. The motorcycle has an aluminum radiator which ensures smooth operations of the bike along with its longevity. The low-placed handlebars of the motorcycle will not just give you the comfort you desire but also, will help you in boosting your confidence and honing your riding skills. 

The Yamaha V Star is also a fantastic runner up option to the Honda Shadow Spirit. For those who don’t want a Honda the Yamaha V Star would be my first-choice. Overall just a great bike.

Best Mileage Option

If as a motorcycle enthusiast you are thinking that you might be too small for any bike out there, perhaps you need to change your mindset and look at the Honda Grom 125. This motorcycle is power-packed for small riders and requires almost zero maintenance.


The Honda Grom 125 is an ideal bike if you are looking to buy one for regular commuting to cities and towns. The bike’s suspension power is also superb which makes it even more suitable for beginner female riders.

Buying this light weight bike with a low seat height makes for a fantastic new bike for any female motorcyclist. 

After riding this bike you are definitely to feel more confident about your riding capabilities and the little to no maintenance that is involved with this bike makes it extremely forgiving and truly meant for playing.

 If you like the idea of a smaller bike, but the Grom is just too small, try looking into the Honda Rebel. The Honda Rebel is also a great beginner bike.

Best Beginner Option

The Honda Hornet 600 is a great option for every beginner rider. It might not be the lightest of all the bikes listed in this article but the handlebars of the bike make it extremely convenient for any rider to control and maneuver it.


The Honda Hornet 600 has a gas tank capacity of 16L, which ensures that the rider does not have to stop at every gas station while on the highway. So, if you are looking for a bike to go on off-road adventures or long-distance countryside trips, the performance and control of the Honda Hornet are simply unmatched.


Recommending beginner motorcycles for women is not just about saying that a beginner female rider should always settle for small and slow bikes – completely contrary to this popular notion, the best motorcycles for women should be the one that the rider herself is comfortable in and which can be easily maneuvered in tight spaces or busy streets.

A word of advise that ever experienced rider will tell you when buying any of these bikes is to test ride before buying. This goes for sport bike as much as a bigger bike.

If you are confident about your riding skill set, there is nothing wrong with you as a woman getting a fast and big bike as your first. As long as you keep your safety in mind and be attentive on the road about other vehicles, you can experience the thrill of riding on any bike of your choice.

Otherwise, you can always fall back to this comprehensive guide of an article and pick any of the motorcycles that are listed here. As a beginner rider, you will not be disappointed by any of these beautiful machines when you buy either of them as your very first motorcycle.

Happy Riding to You!

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