Quietest Motorcycle Helmets On The Market

Motorcyclists love the thrill of speed and the exhilarating feeling of speeding down a freeway with the wind running across them at high speeds. However, the biggest problem with the high-speed wind running against a rider’s body is that if the helmet of the rider is not good enough, the sensational feeling of wind can make them feel that they are inside a deafening wind tunnel.

Believe it or not, hearing damage from high-speed wind noise is a serious issue that plagues many riders. And so, it’s absolutely critical that a rider should purchase a good quality noise-cancellation helmet if he or she wants the thrill of wind without damaging one’s ears.

It’s not just a nice to have, it’s actually going to protect your hearing in those years to come. So, always go for a helmet that does not compromise your safety, fits properly on your head, and reduces the noise of the wind.

Best Quietest Helmets for 2022

Scorpion EXO-520
Best Budget Option

The Scorpion EXO-520 Air Shade Matt Black Neon Yellow helmet is a full-face helmet that is ideal for both street riders and adventure-loving or touring riders. The full-face helmet not just provides complete protection from the top of the head to the chin of the rider but also, is considered one of the best in terms of noise cancellation.


This helmet also comes with 4 Intake ports that give the rider the comfort of fresh air and coolness during the long riding times. It also comes with Pinlock and Internal Sunvisor. 

The graphic design and the matte finish look of the helmet will surely add more spark to your stylish motorcycle rides.

Best Crowd Favorite Option

The LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon Fold Gloss Red helmet is one of the quietest helmets in its range and is ideal for urban or street riders. It is equipped with Pinlock Maxvision Technology and comes with an Internal Sunvisor.


This helmet has a Double-D Chinstrap Buckle that gives you the highest level of protection and this is the reason why only Double-D Buckles are allowed on racetracks. 

The safety rating of this helmet is extremely good. In addition to all these, the helmet has a glossy paint finish with a graphic design that will definitely increase your style quotient when you wear it.

Best All-Rounded Option

The HJC RPHA 70 Carbon Artan Black Red MC1 is a Full Face helmet and provides a high degree of noise cancellation whether on busy streets or in urban towns. It is equipped with an upgraded technology of Emergency Release Cheek Pads that adds to the already advanced safety benefit of this helmet.


This helmet is a great option for a rider who is looking for proper noise cancellation abilities. It’s cool, stylish, and is ECE 22.05 Approved.

The carbon shell of the helmet offers excellent protection against accidents and according to customers, it is suitable for all head types.

Best Racing Option

The AGV Pista GP RR Essenza 46 helmet comes from the reliable brand of AGV and is ideal for sport riders who like the thrill of racing. In terms of noise cancellation, this is one of the best helmets in its class and comes with a safe Double-D Buckle Chinstrap.


This helmet is a bit on the expensive side because of its high quality, safety standards, and noise cancellation property. The helmet is extremely lightweight and the shell construction technology used in making this helmet provides excellent distribution of energy upon any kind of impact.

The glossy finish along with the expressive graphic design on the helmet gives it a sporty and racetrack look.

Best Premium Option

The AGV Pista GP RR Helmet is the most expensive helmet in this list of the quietest helmets of 2021. This is primarily because of its high noise-cancellation property, most advanced safety features, unparalleled level of comfort in wearing, and of course, its unique look and style.


This helmet is everything that any rider can ask for. It has all the safety features that will keep you safe and are designed specifically to keep the comfort factor in mind. Even after hours of travel in this, the rider will not feel any discomfort around his head area. If budget is not an issue for you, we recommend the AGV Pista GP RR ECE/DOT Futuro Carbonio Forgiato Elettro Iridium Full Face Helmet for all riders who want topmost safety along with the highest degree of noise cancellation. And the look of the helmet will not just impress you but will be a reason for special attraction among all your rider peers.


In this article, we have compiled the 5 Quietest helmets that are best in terms of giving adequate protection to the riders in the event of a crash, noise cancellation properties, and the comfort of wearing that every rider desires.

Depending on your budget, style preference, and feature requirement, you can pick any of these listed helmets and see the difference in quality from your previously used helmets, for yourself.

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