What Is Stretched Sportbike And Why Consider One

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Extending the frame of a sportbike may seem like a drastic way to make it into something that is more comfortable. However, some misconceived ideas about what the stretched motorbike is, and why someone would consider such a thing, may need to be brought out in the open first.

Stretched bikes are basically known for their use in drag racing competitions. The frame is extended in order to place the rider in a more aerodynamic position, making it possible for them to achieve higher straight-line speed than what they would be able to do on a conventional sport bike.

What Is a Stretched Sportbike?

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A stretched motorbike is basically a sport bike that has had its frame and wheelbase extended in order to offer the rider a more comfortable riding position. Because of this added extension, it becomes possible for the rider to move around with ease and avoid placing too much pressure on their wrists.

The idea behind adding this kind of extension is so as to allow riders who have longer legs as compared to what they have in their upper body, an easier time riding. In addition, those who do not have long enough arms have been known to benefit from having their handlebars stretched since they can now pull them closer towards themselves instead of being stuck with reaching outwards which would cause discomfort eventually.

Why Consider a Stretched Motorbike?

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Stretching a motorbike generally lowers its stance which in turn offers a more aerodynamic position which is beneficial for racing at the drag strip. A lower stance greatly improves the traction, which means less power is wasted on sliding, especially on corners. Extended swing arms, which hold the rear axle in place and are the key component of the rear suspension, aid in preventing the bike from taking an accidental wheelie posture when taking off. Also, the longer wheelbase makes it more difficult for a powerful engine to pull the front wheel off the ground during a drag race, maintaining control.

An extended swing arm allows for a wider track, which in turn allows the rear tire to keep its grip better. The suspension geometry is altered as the swing arm is stretched. The whole design of a stretched motorbike is aimed towards allowing the rider to go faster over time, and stay comfortable while doing that.

However, there are still some people who would rather have their sportbikes remain in their stock form since they feel that any modification will take away from the total performance instead of improving it.

Still, others have mentioned the fact that having a stretched motorbike may not necessarily mean more comfort, especially during long journeys.

Ideal Way To Extend Your Sportbike

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What’s even more important is that you get to choose exactly how your bike is going to be stretched so that you can get one that has been modified to suit your preferences and needs. It’ll help if you know what exactly are your requirements before getting started with looking through what’s on sale at this point in time.

Many people have considered buying a sport bike from the showroom and having it stretched, instead of being stuck with purchasing one that is already modified. This way they can ensure their bike does not have any modifications done to it which may affect its performance or safety in a negative manner.

Having a stretched motorbike is not a bad thing as long as the person doing it knows what they are doing. Making sure all changes made to the original design are practical and functional before going ahead with them will make all the difference between owning a simply modified sportbike or one that has been worked on by someone who knows exactly how these bikes work.

Is a Stretched Sportbike Good for Commute?

There are many other reasons why someone would consider having their sportbike stretched, but the above-mentioned ones are some of the most common ones. When it comes down to it, the decision to consider such a change really boils down to personal preference and what someone feels more comfortable with.

With that in mind, riders should always remember that this is not an ideal modification for those who want to use them as daily commuters. The best thing about having a stretched motorbike is the fact that it can be used for racing, but not commuting.

Although the stretched motorbike is ideal for those that race, they might not be as ideal for daily use such as commuting. This kind of bike is best left to those who race and only race.


The idea behind having a sportbike stretched is not anything new, but it’s mainly used in the world of racing. That being said, there may be some other reasons why someone would consider getting their motorbike extended when they could simply get another bike that would fit them better instead. If you want, you can join a forum community dedicated to sport bike enthusiasts and owners for better understanding.

The only thing you should consider before stretching your sportbike is whether or not the change will affect the appearance of your vehicle in a negative manner. Despite what others might say about this kind of modification, it has its benefits if done right without compromising the engineering aspects found on every vehicle out there.

Although this modification can help increase one’s comfort while riding, it isn’t always ideal for daily commute. So we advise you to think carefully before having your own bikes stretched. I hope you guys get enough idea about stretched bikes from this article. Happy riding!

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