The Future of Electric Motorcycles: Future or Fad?

The Zero FXS – Electric Motorcycle

For decades, the motorcycle industry has been dominated by gas-powered bikes. But with recent advancements in battery technology and an ever-growing movement of eco-conscious consumers, electric motorcycles are becoming a more viable option for riders. So is there a future in electric motorcycles? Or are they just a fad that will disappear within the decade?

Of course, opinions go rampant on this subject, and whilst this article is an opinion piece, I do include some statistics and data to try and make a case.

Electric motorcycles will definitely take off, it’s just a matter of time. They are not a fad, in fact, they are the future of motorcycles. With countries like the UK making claims that they will ban the use of petrol combustion engines by 2030 (The Guardian) and certain states of the USA such as California banning the sale of new gasoline cars from 2035(The Guardian); it’s only fair to say that these restrictions will, in time, come to pass for motorcycles.

Why haven’t Electric Motorcycles taken off yet?

Electric motorcycles are an emerging market

As with any emerging market, there are teething issues. The biggest issue is the lack of manufacturing powerhouses that have heavily invested in electric motorcycles at this time and it’s why we haven’t seen a lot more advancements from them other than some very small-scale offerings for private use.

However, major motorcycle manufacturers such as Harley Davidson are beginning to dip their toes into the water by bringing out limited edition models or making claims about what they will produce over the next few years (such as Energica below).

The culture around Roaring Gasoline Engines

The other reason that electric motorcycles haven’t taken off yet is the culture around petrol engines and the stigma around electric engines. There is something romantic about the roar of a gasoline engine, and whilst electric motorcycles have their own form of character in the noise they make, it’s not what petrol heads crave.

But as with all technology; this stigma will eventually fade away. There is nothing “cool” or “sexy” about being tied to an oil well for your fuel supply.

Electric motorcycles Benefits

Electric motorcycles have a few good benefits and some bad downsides. However, they are not nearly as bad or limiting in their disadvantages when compared to gas-powered bikes.

Electric Motorcycles Are Cheaper to Run than Gas Motorcycles

The financial savings of an electric motorcycle over a gas one can be significant. The cost-efficiency of an electric motorcycle is based on how much you ride the bike, and if you’re riding it all day long on average, then your carbon savings will likely outweigh the increased upfront expense.

However, this isn’t to say that these bikes are cheaper in the long run because they may require expensive replacement parts or battery replacements, and maintaining an electric motorcycle also costs more than maintaining a gas one.

If you ride your bike 15 miles each day (a very reasonable amount), then the financial benefits of your purchase start to kick in. You’ll spend about $7 per week for electrical power to charge up the bike from your home. Compare that to the $40 or more you’d spend each week on gasoline for a gas bike.

The above estimations are exactly that, estimations, please do your own calculations when working out your financial saving associated with switching to an electric motorcycle.

Electric Motorcycles have Fewer Maintenance Issues than Gas Motorcycles

The first of these benefits is that electric motorcycles have fewer maintenance issues than gas-powered bikes. Electric motorcycles don’t need oil changes, which are a common and costly issue for many riders (and one of the top reasons why people hate their motorcycles).

Electric Motorcycles are Better for the Environment than Gas Motorcycles

One of the other big benefits of electric motorcycles is the environment, and it’s something that a lot of people care about these days. The truth is that electric motorcycles are better for the environment than gas-powered ones. Electric motors produce no emissions whatsoever whereas gas engines often emit some form of pollutants into the air or into waterways. This not only helps to improve air quality in cities by reducing particle emissions and CO2 emissions but it also means that fewer resources have to be used for fueling up which would probably stop if we all switched over to electric motorcycles.

Batteries Technology will Advance, Combustion Engines are at their Peak Already

There have been a lot of advances in battery technology. Companies like Tesla and BMW are leading the charge in electric vehicle production. Exciting developments in battery technology have made the possibilities for electric motorcycles limitless.

It is clear that battery technology improvements over time will allow E-Motorcycles to continue advancing in performance while conserving battery life as well as range per charge. When this is compared to combustion engines, combustion engines have had their peak in technological advancements and will only see incremental improvements here on out.

Electic motorcycles, like all Electric Vehicles, Just Make Sense.

Electric bikes just make sense. With better technology today and more efficient batteries being developed every day; electric motorcycles are the future of motorcycling and they will soon be overtaking gas-powered equivalents.

So, now you know what electric bikes have to offer; it’s time for you to go out there and take a look at them yourself!

Are Electric Motorcycles The Future? You Decide! Do you think that e-motorcycles will overtake gasoline counterparts over the next few decades or do you believe in the power of petroleum engines? I certainly hope so!

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