15 Yamaha R6 Problems You Should Know Before Buying [Buyer’s Guide]

Yamaha R6

Yamaha R6 is best known for being an uncompromising motorcycle that is track-oriented on today’s road. For its speed, handling and acceleration this bike is considered to be something that cannot be beaten.

However, in this article, we will share some common problems with Yamaha R6 motorcycles which might help you determine if this is the machine for you or not.

15 Yamaha R6 Problems You Should Know

1: Loud Noises

Yamaha R6 motorcycles are known to be very hard on the ear. The sound that they make might not be an issue for some but it is surely something that will bother most riders. This is because of how loud and high-pitched the engine can be as well as how it makes a popping noise every time you release the throttle even though this is normal for this machine; if you want to reduce those noises having some aftermarket exhaust installed on your bike might help.

2: Fuel Consumption

According to some reviews that we have read around the internet, Yamaha R6 motorcycles are not very good when it comes to fuel consumption. In fact, they consume a lot of gas and this is exactly why their tanks are so small; if you want more miles between fill-ups you might consider having a larger tank installed on your bike by a mechanic who knows what they are doing.

3: Uncomfortable Seat

For most riders, Yamaha R6 motorcycles might be hard to handle because of how sensitive they are. Although this is a great feature for those who want to control their motorcycle with ease, some people might find it uncomfortable after long rides since the seat can become a little bit sharp and it lacks a gel/foam padding on the inside. However, there are some aftermarket seats that you can have installed on your bike by a mechanic.

4: Pricey Parts

Yamaha R6 motorcycles are known to have parts that cost too much money in comparison to what you get from them. For example, tires of this machine usually last around 8 – 10 thousand miles and they cost around $200 each which is definitely a lot in comparison to what other motorcycles offer.

5: Shocking Exhaust System

Yamaha R6 motorcycles come with an electric exhaust cutout which reduces noise when the engine goes under 5,500 RPMs; this makes them pretty much noiseless when you ride them quietly but it also means that your bike will not perform very well on the track because there is less air intake going into the engine thus reducing its power output significantly.

6: Uncomfortable Seating Position

Even though Yamaha R6 motorcycles have an upper fairing that reduces its wind resistance as well as a lower fairing which protects you from cold weather, protects you from the elements and sudden wind gusts, it is still not as comfortable as most other models on the market. In addition to this, they do not come with any adjustable levers which you can change in order to be more comfortable for your height and weight.

7: Slippery Foot Pegs

Yamaha R6 motorcycles have known to be very slippery when it comes up to the footpegs it comes with; this is something that many of their customers complain about on various discussion forums and there are some people who have had to replace them with non-slip stickers etc. However, if you want to keep your bike in mint condition then it would be best for you to have a mechanic upgrade the pegs.

8: Uncomfortable Handlebars

Although Yamaha R6 motorcycles handle very well because of how sensitive they are, they also lack good grip which might cause problems in wet weather or other circumstances where low traction can lead to accidents. This machine might be great for experienced riders but if you consider yourself a beginner then we highly recommend you spend some time on a Trial bike before making the decision to buy this one.

9: Leaky Exhaust Pipe

Another problem that we came across while we did our research is that Yamaha R6 motorcycles tend to leak exhausts; not only does it make them very hard and expensive to maintain but you would also constantly smell like burned gasoline after riding for a bit. We recommend you check your bike carefully for any leaks if you do decide to purchase this model since they might be quite dangerous especially if you live in an area where carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death.

10: Unstable Steering

Yamaha R6 motorcycles are great when it comes down to speed and the power output they lack stability because of how lightweight they are. In addition to this, their steering geometry is set in a way that makes them difficult to control when going around sharp corners at high speeds without counter-steering or proper braking, etc. If safety is important for you as well then you should consider buying something else instead.

11: Slow Service Intervals

Yamaha R6 motorcycles are known to have longer service intervals which means that there is more time between each checkup; moreover, it also means that the price/cost per mile ratio will be higher because of how many parts need to be replaced twice as often. For example, the valves in a Yamaha R6 motorcycle need to be changed every 20.000 miles which is not very practical for most modern motorcycles on the market.

12: Not Enough Suspension Travel

Overloading your bike either by going off-road or carrying too much weight can lead to serious problems when it comes down to how much suspension travel you have left; if your front forks are close to their limits then there is a greater chance that they will break when being overloaded with too much weight which might lead to injuries etc. To avoid this we recommend you get a professional mechanic who specializes in customizing motorcycles and installing additional features such as an upgraded exhaust system and air intake filters etc., since having more horsepower is important for your safety as well.

13: Too Much Power Under the Hood

Although Yamaha R6 motorcycles are known to be very powerful they lack stability which means that you will have a hard time controlling them; this is mostly because of their tires and wheels they might even skid when your motorcycle hits high speeds especially during wet weather conditions.

14: High Fuel Consumption

Yamaha R6 is not something that most people would consider if they were looking for economical motorcycles; this is mostly due to the fact that it has low fuel economy compared to other models on the market which might also lead to serious problems with your wallet over time.

15: No Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Lastly, one of the biggest issues with Yamaha R6 motorcycles is that they lack ABS which could be very dangerous especially if you are not used to driving motorcycles; this system makes it much easier for you to control your motorcycle when braking during hard weather conditions such as rain or snow since they help reduce the risk of skidding especially when riding at high speeds.


We hope that this article helped you realize how risky it can be when riding Yamaha R6 motorcycles and what kind of problems might occur before buying one.

So these were 15 YAMAHA R6 PROBLEMS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE BUYING. Hope you enjoyed reading our post and hopefully it will help you decide which motorcycle is suitable for your needs!

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