15 questions about Arch Motorcycles, Answered

Arch Motorcycle is one of those brands you hear over and over again in the motorcycle world, but you never see them in any showroom. This article will help to dispel the myths and mysteries surrounding the high-end custom motorcycle brand known as Arch Motorcycles.

Who Founded Arch Motorcycle?

Arch Motorcycle was founded by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger in 2011. The initial idea was Reeves and he convinced Hollinger to join him.

To create their first bike, Reeves & Hollinger customize a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. After five years of design and testing, they released their first production model at the 2013 International CES show in Las Vegas Nevada with an MSRP of $78,000 USD for the base model.

Since then, they have expanded into producing electric motorcycles as well as luxury items such as apparel and accessories. They are now sold internationally to high-end motorcycle enthusiasts.

What is Keanu Reeves’ Involvement in Arch Motorcycles?

Keanu Reeves is a man of many talents, but it seems like motorcycles have a special place in Reeves’s heart. Arch Motorcycles came from his idea to create a production motorcycle that met his own vision. Reeve’s involvement in Arch Motorcycles is mainly as co-founder and CEO.

Arch Motorcycles Net Worth

The net worth of Arch Motorcycles is unknown, however, you could only assume by reputation that it is in the double/triple-digit millions.

Arch Motorcycle Locations & Addresses

Arch Motorcycles has showrooms in Los Angeles California and New York City, but their headquarters is located in Los Angeles. The Arch Motorcycle HQ is located at 11 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States.

Arch Motorcycle Engine

Let’s take the 2020 Arch KRGT-1 and look at the engine that’s inside. The KRGT-1 includes a 2032cc engine that’s able to put out 69.8kW at the rear wheel. That’s pretty impressive.

What is the Arch Motorcycle Brand Values?

The Arch Motorcycle Company was established with the purpose of redefining the American performance cruiser. Today, they deliver an unrivaled riding and ownership experience through an obsession for innovative design, engineering excellence, and dedication to the rider.

Every Arch Motorcycle is a bespoke production motorcycle. Meaning that each bike is customized a little differently for its rider. Arch Motorcycles deliver a uniquely collaborative process tailoring livery and ergonomic fit to each owner.

Why is Arch Motorcycle so famous?

The reason Arch Motorcycle bikes are so famous is that Keanu Reeves has a passion for motorcycles and he invests his own money to create the perfect motorcycle with his vision in mind. Also, it helps that founder Keanu Reeves is one of the largest household actor names on the planet.

How much does an Arch Motorcycle cost?

Arch’s first Motorcycle ever made had a base model price sold at an MSRP of $78,000 USD.

The 2020 Arch KRGT-1 goes for around $85,000 USD.

How fast is the Arch KRGT-1?

Let’s take the 2020 Arch KRGT-1 as an example of the speed for an average Arch Motorcycle. The KRGT-1 has a 2032cc engine and weighs 244kg (dry) which means it is fast! very very fast, especially for a cruiser.

Keanu Reeves on Motorcycles in Movies

It’s fair to say that Keanu Reeve’s obsession with motorcycles goes beyond Arch, he has been known for riding motorcycles in movies for most of his career. Some notable movies are Point Break, Speed, Matrix, Constantine.

Arch Motorcycles in Video Games

Cyberpunk 2077 features the Arch Motorcycle Method 143.

Let’s take a look at one video game that will have a very special Arch Motorcycle in it. CD Projekt Red announced they are using Arch Motorcycles in the game Cyberpunk 2077. The Method 143 will be on display at various locations throughout Night City, so if you get to play the game there is a good chance you might see one of these beauties!

What is Arch Motorcycles’ most famous bike?

The 2020 Arch KRGT-1 is the most famous bike at this time. And for good reason, the bike seems absolutely amazing.

Where can I buy an Arch Motorcycle?

Currently, only customers who get approved to purchase one of these motorcycles will be able to get one directly from Keanu Reeves. Unless you are a celebrity or millionaire, your chances of getting the 2020 KRGT-1 are low.

Why are Arch Motorcycle’s so Special?

The company was designed to produce motorcycles that were more refined than most other bikes on the market. The Arch method involves custom designs and builds each bike bespoke. This is a service unlike any other.

How many Arch Motorcycle bikes are Created each Year?

The number of Arch motorcycle bikes produced each year is still unknown but one would assume that it’s very low, since each bike is a project in and of itself.

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