6 Must-Do Motorcycle Modifications: Crazy Easy Mods!

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Modifications are a great way of getting significantly more value out of your motorcycle without upgrading to a new bike completely. So let’s talk about what modifications you should do on your motorcycle.

There are some modifications that are more common than others, but if you’re not sure where to start, here are six of the most popular ones. All of them are relatively easy to install (i.e usually plug-and-play or just a couple of bolts)! Later on, I might write a post about the crazier ideas for modification but for now, though, let’s stick with these 6.

The 6 must-have modifications you should consider doing for your motorcycle are replacing your exhaust system, a new set of tires, upgrading to a lithium-ion battery, Air Filters, Indicators & Luggage.

Let’s explore why…

Exhaust System

Ditching your stock exhaust system can drastically enhance the performance of your bike as well as the way it sounds.

The main difference between different exhaust systems is the size of the piping. The larger the pipe diameter, the more air can flow through it which makes for bigger “dumps”. The dump refers to how much air you are speeding up when hitting a certain point on your throttle curve (i.e shifting gears).

If you have a small/stock-sized pipe and hit 3rd gear or higher in your rpm range at full throttle, you will see some lost horsepower due to increased resistance in your system because of lack of space for air/fuel to be flowing through it freely. For that reason, people often invest in aftermarket exhausts just because it can really change the sound (and performance) of your bike.

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The right tires can literally change how your bike feels and handles, so I would say that this is the second mod you should go for. When it comes to choosing the right tire, all sorts of things need to be considered – tread pattern, thread type (grip), construction etcetera.

But within those factors, there are choices available for every budget and style of riding. With more grip and better handling, you will feel more confident on your motorcycle – getting new tires is definitely worth it!

To help choose the right tires MotoSports are able to filter the correct tires specifically for your motorcycle.

And if you’re not sure what type of tire is best for your use-case watch this video:


Upgrading to a lithium-ion motorcycle battery is a fantastic choice for many reasons.

Firstly, you get better performance from it due to the chemical composition of lithium-ion. Lithium batteries have a higher energy density than lead-acid batteries and thus weigh less for the same amount of capacity. This is significant because if your bike weighs 100 kgs with just the standard battery, then that’s 10kg

The benefit of upgrading to a lithium-ion motorcycle battery over a lead-acid battery are:

  • Lithium-Ion motorcycle batteries are far lighter than the original lead-acid type, making for much better weight distribution on your bike (which increases handling).
  • Lithium-Ion motorcycle batteries take up significantly less space on your motorcycle compared to lead-acid batteries.
  • Lithium-Ion motorcycle batteries hold their charge for longer and much better in colder conditions.
  • Lithium-Ion motorcycle batteries are far more robust & are destroyed when tipped over like lead-acid batteries.

Furthermore, they can be charged using any standard battery,

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Air Filter

Replacing your standard air filter with a performance-based one can increase the power of your motorcycle. When you ride on the road at full throttle, everything is fine because there is enough clean air to enter into your engine without any resistance.

However, when you are in slow-moving traffic or around town, there is a lot more dirt and pollution that goes straight into your engine which causes it to work much harder than necessary. A good quality aftermarket air filter will catch the majority of this dirt before it gets to damage your engine while also maximizing its airflow capabilities.

Upgrading an old air filter for a performance-based one has many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • The larger cross means less restriction which allows additional air to pass through it freely.
  • Oiled filters are more efficient than non-oiled ones because dirt is held away from the filter media allowing for fewer particles inside your engine.

For performance air filters, click here.

Indicators and Mirrors

The placement and style of your indicators and mirrors (if you have them) is to some extent stylistic preference. If you like the look of your current indicators and mirrors, then there’s no reason to change them; but if you feel like they could be improved in some way it would be well worth considering options such as integrated ones or LED optimized ones. There are all sorts of styles and looks available so you can find something that suits your bike.

Mirrors and indicators aren’t purely a matter of style though, they also affect the safety and effectiveness of your motorcycle. The best mirrors enable you to see behind yourself as well as straight ahead at intersections so you can clearly see any hazards. A good indicator will have an orange lamp that is more visible than standard bulbs while being bright enough to signal traffic around you effectively.

Here is where we recommend buying new Indicators and Mirrors.


Having luggage on your motorcycle is a fantastic way to keep some of your belongings with you wherever you go and it can also be used for self-protection if you find yourself riding in less than ideal conditions by carrying some tools handy. You’ll need to check that the luggage fits securely and has enough padding so that it doesn’t damage your paint job or get damaged while riding, but otherwise, there are all sorts of options available to suit your style and budget.

Hard Sided Bagger Heading Out

There are so many different types of luggage available for your motorcycle. If you are interested in adding luggage to your motorcycle I would suggest that you check out our recommended motorcycle gear’s page where we have our favorite top boxes, Saddlebags & many more carrying options

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