Can You Be Too Short to Ride A Motorcycle?

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So can you be too short to ride a motorcycle? No, you cannot be too short to ride a motorcycle. You just need to figure out what is safe and comfortable for you while you are mounting, dismounting and riding your bike.

Many motorbikes have seats with heights taller than their rider’s inseam, especially off-road bikes. As long as you are able to and balance yourself along with the weight of the bike on one foot, you are ready to ride.

Different bikes fit distinct people in distinct ways. For instance, the seating position and footpeg placement vary considerably among riders. Your general strength and internal leg measurements are vital. Short men usually have more convenience than petite women as they are substantially stronger. Riders can always make up for what they lack in their height with planning, skill, and of course, time. Getting the latter straight can even make you comfortably ride a bike that you thought you could never sit on without support. Isn’t that amazing? Well, but it is true. A bike that fits one rider might not be a great choice for someone else of similar height.

Things to Consider If You Are A Short Rider

If you are someone who has a fetish for bikes, but is having difficulty in choosing the perfect frame due to short height, here are some things that you might consider while purchasing a bike:

1. Ride Bikes Which Make You Happy

When choosing a bike, there might be a thousand things that cross your mind before you make the final decision. You might get driven by a bike’s eccentric look or at times by peer pressure. However, irrespective of the kind of motorbike you buy, make sure it makes you happy every time you ride. If you do not love your bike and avoid practicing, it is definitely a red flag and you must reconsider your decision.

2. Choose Tall and Light Over Low and Heavy

Now, if you are aspiring to ride a heavier, taller bike in the future, it is recommended that you start with a taller and lighter option. Forcing yourself to get used to a bike you won’t be able to flat foot is not a great idea. Begin by training yourself to land on halt on the left foot initially. Getting used to flat footing can be dangerous because later it can be difficult for you to practice touching just the balls of your feet to touch the ground. You will end up relying on your feet a lot more as opposed to your skills. When you cannot use two flat feet to enhance stability, you have to make up with your skills as a rider.

3. Practice Your Braking Skills

Practice and perfect your braking skills. The better you are able to brake, the easier it will get for you to handle the 400 lbs you are riding. Try putting down your left foot first and place the right foot on your rear brake till you accelerate. There might be chances that you do not need the rear brake to stop your bike as many motorbikes have implausible stopping power in the front. However, to smoothen and add finesse to your braking, you might need to add a little rear brake to maintain your stability. Ever dropped your bike while making a stop? It might be because you did not make use of the rear brake and release it before the bike came to a stop.

Top Tips for Short Riders

Your height should never be a problem for you to ride your favourite bike. But, here are a few tips that can make bike riding a cakewalk for you:

1. Wear Quality Boots

Having some extra bit of traction is important, especially if you are a little short on height and have difficulty flat-footing with both your feet. Thus, it is essential that you invest in some great boots for biking. A good pair of boots can infuse a great deal of confidence in you. Riding a bike has a lot to do with your mind and will. So, getting that extra boost of confidence is highly beneficial. Normal boots do not have as much traction as biking boots. The market is full of great options and choosing a purpose-built boot will offer more traction and stability.

2. Purchase A Lower Seat Option 

Look for a lower seat option if available. While you will get some options in the form of factory accessories offered by the producers, in other cases, there are several aftermarket suppliers. You can also get your seats customized by professional upholsterers who will reduce some of the foam within it and fill it with 3D, gel, or memory foam. While your seats will get thinner, their comfort will remain intact. 

3. Focus on Skill Building

One thing that you need to know is money that you spend on enhancing your skills is always beneficial as opposed to the amount of money you spend on altering bike parts. So, if you are looking for ways to compensate for your short height, it is best that you focus on perfecting your riding skills. Try braking smoothly and perfect your clutch control and throttle time. Get some extra awareness of where you are stopping or parking and practice avoiding an uneven or inclined pavement. Enhancing your skills will immensely improve your ride experience.

4. Opt for Low Bikes With Narrow Seats

A low seat is not enough to offer a comfortable ride. Look for bikes that have a narrower build to help keep your legs closer together and give you a better ground reach. You can test the bikes when you purchase them from the dealership by sitting on them. Not all bikes will give you the same reach due to their variations in shape. But you can always pick one that gives the most comfort.

5. Be Patient and Practice

If you do not make time to practice riding on a daily basis, or more than often, you will make no progress when it comes to riding taller bikes and improving your techniques. Riding a bike is a lot more than being able to keep your bike upright. The more you practice, the better you get. You might find it surprising, but you can get better than any person who is taller. A taller person does not necessarily have better skills than you. By practicing you do not have to practice three to four hours each day. A maximum of 15 – 20 minutes for 5 days a week is enough to perfect your skills.

The Wrap Up

Riding motorbikes can be tricky if you are not able to put both your feet down and touch the ground. However, mastering your riding skills can help you overcome a lot of difficulties that are caused due to the lack of height. Now that you have some insight into ways you can enjoy your ride despite being short, it is time you begin implementing them today.

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