The 5 Best Electric Motorcycles Under $5,000 (2022)

Ultraviolet F-77
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Electric motorcycles have revolutionized the automobile industry and have rightly so. They are superbly-engineered, stylish-looking, and ec0-friendly machines that can complement the personality of any rider.

However, as electric motorcycles are relatively new to the industry, their price still tends to be on the higher side. Most models cost above $20K that come equipped with various features and upgraded technology.

But if you are someone who is currently not looking to invest so much money in buying their first electric motorcycle, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we will provide you with the 5 best electric motorcycles that you could buy for under $5,000.

5 Best Electric Motorcycles Under $5,000

  1. Ultraviolet F-77
  2. KM 4000
  3. X Metacycle Sondors
  4. Denzel Electric Eraser
  5. Monday Motorbikes Gen7

Ultraviolet F-77

The Ultraviolet F-77 is a fully-faired Sports motorcycle and is one of your best options to buy below $5,000. Manufactured in India, this electric motorcycle comes equipped with a lot of exciting features that are impressive to all riders.

The top speed that an Ultraviolet F-77 can clock is 147 KMPH or 91 MPH which, if you think of is unbelievable for a motorcycle that runs on electricity. In fact, this single aspect of this electric motorcycle makes it hard to believe that how this can be obtained under $5,000. But, the bike is available at just $4,000 in the US market.

The manufacturers of this bike claim that the machine is capable of reaching 0-60 KMPH in a matter of just 2.7 seconds, which in itself is incredible. In terms of power, the motorcycle functions on a 25 KW AC motor which comes with three lithium-ion batteries.

One of the big advantages of this motorcycle is that it does not require all three battery packs to run which means, it can function with one pack also. However, if you want the machine to perform at its optimal best, you will need all three but slim battery packs. With a standard charger, the three battery packs take a time of around 5 hours to get charged completely and if you use a fast charger, you will be surprised to know that the full charging time then comes down to a mere 1 and half hours.

The Ultraviolet comes with 3 battery or riding modes called the Eco, the Sport, and the Insane riding mode. The manufacturers claim that on a single charge this motorcycle can run up to a range of 130 or 150 KMs. But this will depend on the mode that you are riding on as it will have an impact on your speed as well as your battery usage. The motorcycle also comes with dual disc brakes at both the front and rear wheels.

To increase the safety measure for the rider, the motorcycle comes equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) which makes stopping on this bike extremely safer. The bike offers superb handling and maneuvering to the rider so that they can have maximum fun with minimum body movements.

So, if you want an electric bike below $5,000, you can count on the Ultraviolet F-77 for a good investment.

KM 4000

The KM 400 is another great bike that is manufactured in India which runs on electricity and comes with great features. Also, as an entrant in this list, it’s needless to say that you can get this electric motorcycle at a price below $5,000.

The actual price of a KM 4000 is as low as $1,860. But don’t let the small price tag fool you as you will be amazed to know how much you get for those few bucks! To start with, the design of the motorcycle is extremely cool as it has a natural frame of an aggressive streetfighter. It has a lot of power and because of its looks, the bike has earned the nickname of ‘The Silent Warrior”.

In terms of power, the bike gets its fuel from an 8000 Watt battery which allows it to clock the top speed of 120 KMPH or 71 MPH. It takes a mere 3.1 seconds to reach from 0 to 40 KMPH, which is quite impressive for the motorcycle.

A great and practical feature of this motorcycle is that its lithium-ion battery pack of it is placed under the frame of the motorcycle which naturally improves the center of gravity of the overall vehicle. This means if the rider has to come to a sudden halt due to emergency situations, there is a very low chance that the bike will flip. So, as a rider, you are much safer on a KM 4000.

However, the downside of this same battery pack is that it is non-removable. So, if you have a problem with it, a certified mechanic or an engineer is your only option.

The motorcycle also has 3 riding modes called Eco, City, and Sports. Depending on the mode you choose to ride, there will e some restrictions on the speed and battery range as well. For example, if you are riding in the Sports mode, there will be no restrictions on the top speed of the bike but the battery range or the distance you could travel with a single charge will come down to just 90 KMs.

The bike comes with a Type 2 Universal charger which allows the rider to charge their vehicle at any place and at any time. For the purpose of charging also, there are two modes called the Eco and the Boost. With the Eco mode, it will take around 6 hours for the KM 4000 to get fully charged and if you choose the Boost mode, it will save you up to 4 hours. This means with the Boost mode you can actually charge your motorcycle in less than 2 hours.

So, if you want an electric motorcycle with a macho street-fighter look, you can have a lot of fun with a KM 4000, which is pocket-friendly and comes well below $5,000.

X Metacycle Sondors

If you want an electric motorcycle that is the most advanced in terms of features and technology, X Metacycle Sondors is the one you should go for. It is the most advanced motorcycle on this list but the price of it is below $5,000 which makes it quite affordable for quite a few riders across the world. First thing first, the X Metacycle Sondors costs just $5,000.

The X Metacycle Sondors has a top speed of 80 MPH or 128 KMPH. This top speed of the motorcycle is powered by a nominal 8 KWh power and a 145 KWh peak power generated from the 4,000 Wh Lithium-Ion battery. According to manufacturers of the X Metacycle Sondors with one single charge, the motorcycle can go up to 80 miles easily. And it takes only 180 minutes or 3 hours for the electric motorcycle to get fully charged.

Another great advantage of the charging system of this motorcycle is that it is very small and therefore, it can be carried anywhere for giving charge to the vehicle at any point in time.

When it comes to the look of the motorcycle, it’s very simple, rugged, and street-smart, which is quickly gaining popularity all across the world. The frame of the bike is quite lightweight and it is manufactured using a single piece of cast iron.

An incredible feature of this electric motorcycle is that it comes with a fancy Smartphone compartment attached to a place ahead of the saddle of the bike. This compartment has a transparent cover attached to it, which makes reading navigation information extremely easy for the riders.

The bike also has a digital full-color display which offers superb readability even in direct sunlight. One added advantage of this motorcycle is that it has a wireless mobile charging system attached to it so that you can recharge your mobile without any hassle. In fact, the manufacturers of this motorcycle call the frame of the bike as ‘Exo-Frame’ simply because it has so many technological advancements in it that are more than enough for all riders to get a comfortable and safe ride on it, each time and every time.

Denzel Electric Eraser

If you are a rider who prefers the look and style of café racer bikes, then the Denzel Electric Eraser is the electric motorcycle for you. It is a great option for you that comes below $5,000. In fact, the price of the Denzel Electric Eraser is just $4,450.

The manufacturers of this electric motorcycle called ‘Denzel’ were formed in the year 2003 and from those days till today, the brand has earned a solid reputation among the tribe of riders. Riders who want a café racer look for their motorcycles that is classic yet modern, equipped with all the latest technology, then this stylish electric motorcycle is the best option for you.

The single most astonishing thing about this electric motorcycle is that with a single charge it has a traveling range of about 150 KMs. The motorcycle is powered by a 75 KW motor that has an output capacity range of mid-drive. This mid-drive motor of this electric motorcycle is capable of delivering an output of 62 MPH.

The top speed of the Denzel Electric Eraser is between 60 to 85 MPH and this range depends on the style of riding, the weather conditions, and the elevation of the terrain that the rider is driving on. Depending on the model of the Denzel Electric Eraser that you choose, the top speed of the motorcycle can go up to 100 KMPH.

When it comes to the safety measures of this vehicle, the motorcycle is equipped with the technology of regenerative braking which allows the bike to stop safely at short distances, if an emergency situation arises.

In terms of technology, the bike has a fast charger on its frame and it also comes with in-built Bluetooth speakers. So, if you want to listen to your favorite music or podcast on the road, with a Denzel Electric Eraser, it won’t be a problem at all.

The starting model of the Denzel Electric Eraser is called Denzel ECR V1, which is priced at just $3,850. Depending on the customization that you do on your bike, the price will go up, and therefore, you need to consider those factors as well, before making a purchase.

Monday Motorbikes Gen7

Before we go deep into the features and specifications of this electric motorcycle, first you should know the story behind its inception. This motorcycle was built literally out of the garbage by three close friends on a Monday of 2015. So, now you know why there is ‘Monday’ in the name of the bike.

The Monday Motorbikes Gen7 is a café racer-style bike that will best suit the personality of riders who like the style and look of classic café racer bikes. This is a great option for all riders who are looking to purchase an electric motorcycle under $5,000 as this bike will cost you just $4,500.

Before we discuss the power and range of this motorcycle, let us first focus on its looks! The Monday Motorbikes Gen7 has an extremely simple and nonchalant look with a frame that replicates the style of steel tube. It has a top-rank design with the frame, which works conveniently as a battery container or compartment.

The electric motorcycle has a range of up to 100 miles with one single charge as it is powered by a powerful battery of power 5,500 Watts. In terms of riding mode, the Monday Motorbikes Gen7 comes equipped with 2 e-bike classes, where a rider can ride at the top speed of 45 MPH if their mode of driving is the ‘Sports’ mode.

With a seat height of just 27 inches, this electric motorcycle is the perfect fit for riders of all body shapes and heights. A cool feature of this electric motorcycle is the process of starting the bike as this bike uses a key as a FOB activation tool. So, in order to start the bike, the rider needs to tap the Key on the FOB sensor and you are set to hit the road on it.

Now, if you are getting a bit confused with the FOB term, it simply involves a built-in display screen with security protocol authentications. The only drawback of this system is anybody with the device can access the data or the server in the FOB.

In terms of riding mode, the Monday Motorbikes Gen7 has three different modes called the Walking mode, the Economy Mode, and the Sports Mode. The Walking mode helps you incredibly with a speed limit of 5 KMPH when you are going up the hill, the Economy mode gives you the top speed of 20 KMPH, where the motor limits its output capacity to 750 Watts, and if you want the full thrill of the Gen 7, then you need to ride the bike in the Sports mode to unleash all its comfort and exciting features.

Another cool feature of this electric motorcycle is that it comes equipped with Anti-theft Alarm System. So, not just will you be safe on the road while riding a Monday Motorbikes Gen7, your bike will also be safe when you are not near it.

Best Option in Budget

The KM 4000 is your most affordable option in this list of electric motorcycles which will surely give you value for every buck – be it on the features, charging, or safety aspect!


These were our list of top five electric motorcycles under $5,000 which you can buy right now. Every bike was unique and had its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

You need to carefully weigh out your options before making a purchase decision as this is an investment that you are going to make for the rest of your life! Also, we highly recommend that you visit one of these dealerships and take a test ride.

If possible, bring someone along who knows about riding bikes so that they can check out the products and then give you suggestions on what would be best for you. We hope that our list helps you in buying the motorcycle which best suits your needs and requirements without burning a hole in your pocket!

Kickstart Your Riding Life in an Eco-friendly Way!

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