Fitting a Motorcycle Jacket: How to Know if Your Jacket is the Right Size

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Walk into any motorcycle store and pick up your size in a motorcycle jacket, guaranteed it’s going to be tight. But should you just accept that tight is normal when it comes to motorcycle jackets or opt for a larger size?

When it comes to making sure that your motorcycle jacket is the right size, make sure your motorcycle jacket is tight enough to hold your armor in the right places, whilst still feeling comfortable, not constricting or restricting in any way.

How do you find the perfect-sized motorcycle jacket?

Finding the perfect size motorcycle jacket can take trying on different brands, seasons (summer and winter gear), and materials. It is important to also mention that different styles of jackets will fit differently too. let’s talk about what you should avoid.

Some people will wear a motorcycle jacket that is too big for them to fit their armor in the right places, this can be dangerous and uncomfortable as well. Other times they are wearing a motorcycle jacket that is so tight it feels constricting or restricting, which might cause some discomfort and lack of mobility. Of course, if you are a tall or short rider this may change how you look for the perfect-sized motorcycle jacket.

Lastly, it is important to mention that not all motorcycle jackets will fit the same and different brands or styles might have a different feel on your body.

What is a Motorcycle Jacket used for?

I know this might seem obvious but I think it’s worth mentioning here because too many people buy gear on stylish choices rather than safety. Motorcycle jackets are protective gear for your upper body that’s designed to protect you from injuries caused by falls, collisions, and other accidents. Motorcycle jackets include armor built into the jacket or placed in pockets. The material of motorcycle jackets is drag resistant and designed to prevent road rash if you fell.

Like any piece of gear, it’s only as good as how well you use it, and having the wrong size motorcycle jacket is like wearing your helmet on your foot.

It just won’t help with a head injury.

With this in mind, it is essential that you find the right size motorcycle jacket otherwise you are not protecting yourself on the ride.

Why should a motorcycle jacket be tight-fitting?

Motorcycle jackets are made to be tight fitting. This is because they need to protect you in the event of a crash, and there are two ways it does this: The first is my not being so lose that it gets caught on a slide on the pavement and the second is to ensure that your armor in your motorcycle jacket all holds to the right areas in the occurrence of a crash.

Does not mean that motorcycle jackets should fit tightly everywhere?

A good motorcycle jacket will be tight in the areas it needs to be tight in, to hold in armour and make sure that nothing will get caught; yet should also leave enough stretch, movement and room to not restrict your movement, or breathing when you are riding. You also shouldn’t feel very much restriction around your chest area and you shouldn’t feel a tug when you lift your hands up as if you were riding.

What to look for when fitting in a motorcycle jacket?

  • Shoulders should be snug and not have any bunching in the front or back, but they should accommodate movement.
  • Chest: the chest should be tight enough that it will not tug when you’re moving your arms around, but it shouldn’t restrict breathing.
  • Waist: there should not be any bunching in the back of the jacket.”
  • Raise your hands in the air as if you were riding, and the jacket shouldn’t restrict movement

How do leather motorcycle jackets fit?

Leather motorcycle jackets typically stretch out over time, and should be fitted snugly at first.

How do textile motorcycle jackets fit?

Textile motorcycle jacket often have stretchy material on the sides to accommodate movement of your arms and can also produce more airflow than leather does. But it is important to remember that the textile won’t stretch.

Some tips for how you can tell if your jacket fits properly:

  • Does the length of the sleeve hit at about mid-bicep?
  • Is there a little bit of room around the waistline?
  • Are the armholes not too tight, but not so big you feel like your arms can’t move freely either?
  • Does it go down past mid thigh or is it just at your belly button line?

If you answered yes to all these questions then congratulations, you have found a motorcycle jacket that will fit your body and personal style.

If the answer is no to any of these questions then it’s time to go shopping for a different size or another brand! It can be difficult trying on several jackets in one day so if possible try them out at home before investing in one.

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