How long should my motorcycle battery last?

Your motorcycle battery should last between 2 – 5 years if you’re doing the right things to look after it. However, the sad reality is that most people don’t get more than 2 years out of their motorcycle’s battery.

But, like a lot of things, it’s not exactly that simple. There are a few other factors both avoidable and unavoidable to that play a big part in how long your motorcycle battery will last.  Let’s take a look at these and work out how long your motorcycle battery will last in your certain use-case.

How long will my motorcycle battery last as a commuter?

If your motorcycling to work and back on the daily in a climate without frozen winters, expect a solid 3-5 years before you have any issues with your motorcycle battery. By riding each day you are charging your bike’s battery daily and keeping your battery in that perfect voltage range of 12.5-12.6.

How long will my motorcycle battery last as a weekend warrior?

Assuming you’re living in a climate that doesn’t hit frozen, your motorcycle battery shouldn’t give you any grief for at least 2 years as a weekend warrior.

How long will my motorcycle battery last without being run?

Typically, a motorcycle battery will die between 3-4 months without the motorcycle being turned on. For most riders, turn over your engine is the main way they keep their battery fully charged. Therefore when they don’t ride for a few months their battery dies. Because starting your engine is what charges your motorcycle battery, without this charging most modern new motorcycle batteries won’t last more than 4 months.

The newer the battery, typically, the better the battery is at this with a new battery usually hitting the 4-month mark and an older battery sometime getting only 1-month before it dies.

Not running your motorcycle for a long period of time is one of the most common reasons motorcycle batteries tend to die.

Story time!

A rider stops commuting to work on the bike for a few weeks, then goes on a holiday for a month. Very quickly a few months pass and your motorcycle’s battery is dead.

Sound familiar?

How long will my motorcycle battery last in winter?

If you live in a climate with freezing winters, you need to run your once per week to make sure the motorcycle battery doesn’t die before spring. For newer batteries, you might be able to push this to two weeks but expect your battery to be dead within 2 weeks of not being ridden.

This can be very challenging for most, since there is a reason we don’t ride in winter, everything is frozen! But try to find a way to go for a quick ride, even if it’s just around the block, every little bit will help.

What can you do to keep your battery fully charged?

The best thing to do is to keep riding your motorcycle!

But if you know you’ve got a couple of weeks/months coming up that you won’t be able to take the bike out of the garage there are a few ways you can make sure you don’t come back to a dead motorcycle battery.

Invest in a Trickle Charger: Trickle charges are designed to automatically charge your battery to the optimal voltage and current for long periods of time.

Disconnect your battery from the bike: If you know you just won’t be using the bike for a while and you can’t be afford a trickle charger open up that saddle seat and disconnect your battery from your bike. Just be careful while you do this and obviously this will not help.

In winter keep your bike somewhere warmer: This sounds like an obvious one, but you would not believe how many people store their motorcycle in a sub 0 degrees C shed or barn during the winter, opt for your house attached garage or somewhere warmer. This alone will not keep your battery charged but will dramatically help extend the life of your battery.

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