Can You Buy a Motorcycle Without a License? Motorcycle License Advice

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Buying a motorcycle is always an exciting event, especially if you are buying it for yourself. People have many questions before buying their dream motorcycle and a lot of those questions circle around the fact of whether one requires a motorcycle license in the first place to buy a brand new bike. Let’s settle this question, once and for all – Can you buy a motorcycle without a license?

You can legally buy a motorcycle without a license within most countries, and can definitely do so in the USA & Australia. When you buy a motorcycle from a private showroom or a dealer, you do not need to have a motorcycle license during the process of purchase.

However, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle if you do not have a legal motorcycle license. There are quite a number of people around the world who buy a motorcycle for somebody else and not for themselves. So, this simple situation which happens every day does not require the buyer to have a motorcycle license. Let’s go in-depth to see the different aspects of buying a motorcycle without a license.

You Do Not Need a License to Buy a Motorcycle

You do not need to have a license – either a car or motorcycle one – to buy any vehicle. However, you must buy the right type of motorcycle license based on your state or country’s rules and regulations.

So, in case if you are still wondering whether you can buy a motorcycle without a license, YES, you can buy one.

You can buy it either for yourself or you can buy it as a gift for somebody else and no private seller or dealer will ask you about a motorcycle license. But when you buy a motorcycle from any state department like DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), they may ask for documents like proof of residence, age, income information, etc.

Can You Buy a Motorcycle Taking a Loan, Without Having a Motorcycle License?

Yes, you can buy a motorcycle without having a motorcycle license. This means you do not have to worry about taking a loan, without having a motorcycle license if your bank asks for one of those private documents like income proof, etc.

But the important thing to note here is that when banks or financial institutions ask for such documents, usually they ask for them before approving any loan which is quite common these days. They have started getting very strict about verifying all their customers lately and so asking for proof of identification becomes mandatory.

A regular Driver’s License is a necessity for the banks to approve the documents. They just want to make sure their payment is well protected.

If you want a loan from the dealership itself, more or less the process remains the same. For any loans to be approved, you will have to be 18 years or older and a regular driver’s license is all you need to fill out the paperwork.

Can You Buy a Motorcycle with a Learner’s Permit?

You cannot buy a motorcycle with just the learner’s permit, you will need to wait for at least six months or more before that becomes possible.

To buy a motorcycle without a license, you must have held your regular driver’s license for at least 6 months in some states and 12 months in others. This is so because when you buy a motorcycle with just the learner’s permit, it becomes very difficult to buy insurance later on.

Once you buy a motorcycle without a license, you can learn how to ride motorcycles in most states by taking a beginner course. Some states even allow learners permits holders to take lessons before getting their motorcycle endorsement on their licenses but that requires careful coordination between state laws and local training school policies.

However, it’s important to remember that as long as you have a regular driver’s license, buying a motorcycle from any dealership won’t be that much of a problem in any State.

Can a Motorcycle be Registered Without Having a Motorcycle License?

Once you buy a motorcycle without a license, if you do not have any type of driver’s license or permit, it is illegal to register the vehicle.

Registration refers to the legal process where any car or motorcycle bought with cash can be titled and registered with your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office in order to get an official number plate for that vehicle.

Some states also require safety checks before registration takes place with regards to motorcycles especially when they are bought online. To get proper information on this, it is recommended that you consult your nearest DMV about registrations in your area. So, yes, you can buy a motorcycle without having a license but the title needs to be in somebody else’s name – either a family member or a friend – who has a valid driver’s license. Then the registration can take place in their name.

California or New York do not require one to have a motorcycle license for registering their bikes in those states. But the catch is, both places require the person to have some insurance documents for the registration to happen.


A motorcycle license is not mandatory by any stretch of the imagination if you are looking to buy a brand new motorcycle in the upcoming days.

However, a Learner’s Permit will not be enough to buy a motorcycle if you do not have a license. You’ll need to wait for at least six months after getting your regular driver’s license and you should buy the vehicle from a registered dealership if you want it to be legal and safe.

If you buy any used motorcycles, make sure to check with local authorities for information on registrations beforehand. Laws vary from different states about these matters so one should investigate them properly before buying any used motorcycle.

You must keep in mind that after buying motorcycles without any licenses, registering them will become difficult as there are certain regulations set forth by DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) offices which mostly require one to have some type of valid documents like their driver’s license or permit or insurance papers.

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