Motorcycle Philippines Rentals: How Much for a Philippines Motorbike Vs. In The USA

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Everyones heard about how cheap and awesome of a holiday a riding trip through the Philippines are. But how much does it actually cost to travel and motorcycle in the Philippines & more importantly how much does it cost to rent a motorcycle in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the daily rental ranges from PHP 250 to PHP 600 for a 125cc motorcycle. On the other hand, in the USA, it starts from $75 and can go up to $250 per day. However, the rates vary from one destination to another and depend upon the season and of course your skills to negotiate. 

Renting a motorcycle in the Philippines is a great idea for travelers who love independent trip experiences. And if you are one of those, you are on the right platform. 

If you are traveling to large cities like Cebu or Manila, renting a bike is easy and moderately affordable. However, the scenario might change if you are traveling to small towns and less popular places. Renting a motorcycle can be both expensive and complicated in such places. Moreover, the Philippines has an extensive group of islands and thus, even if you rent a motorcycle, you can travel only to some limited destinations. Unlike larger islands, renting a motorbike on a smaller island is not only easy but economic as well. It allows you to move around the island more conveniently because of the short distances. 

On the other hand, in the USA, the scope of renting a motorcycle is much more convenient. Just like cars or any other vehicle, motorbikes too can be rented from nationwide agencies. Due to the increasing interest in motorcycle rides, motorcycle rentals have increased significantly over the recent years. Thus, in the US, it’s easy to find rental programs by major bike manufacturers and rental shops according to your budget and requirements. 

Motorcycle Rental in the Philippines

To explore the islands of the Philippines, a ferry and motorbike are the most convenient options. As Filipinos are friendly in nature, on your arrival, they will guide you about finding a motorcycle for rent. 

However, if you are a biking enthusiast and love riding bikes with 800 cc or more, you might struggle to find a bike of your choice. Most of the bikes that you can hire from rental agencies are of low mileage, of around 125–180 cc. Thus, if you are not used to driving low cc bikes, avoid renting them. Also, the Philippines is a foreign country with its own set of traffic rules. For a new traveler, new traffic rules and jams might ruin your interest and make your ride tedious.

Some of the common motorcycle brands that you can rent in the Philippines are Honda and Yamaha. These bikes mostly come with a 125 cc mileage and have plastic bodies. These motorcycles are good for two people. 

The rental rates of these bikes depend on the rental duration, brand, mileage, and location. In the Philippines, the daily rental of bikes ranges from PHP 250 to PHP 600. However, if you rent it for a week, the price can go down and you might get PHP 300–350 per day. If you are renting the bike from the resort you are staying at,  they might charge you an additional PHP 50–150. 

Looking for a big motorcycle with greater capacity and mileage in the Philippines? It is a rare pleasure to rent bikes of brands like BMW, Moto Guzzi and Harley-Davidson in the Philippines. There are very few rental companies that deal with motorcycles bigger than 200 ccs. 

Motorcycle Rental in the USA

When it comes to renting motorcycles in the US, it’s easy and convenient. Motorcycle rental cost in America varies from state to state and city to city. However, typically the rate ranges from $75 to $250 per day. If you are renting a bike for a week, it starts from $500 and goes up to $1500 per week. In the US, the rental prices of bikes depend upon various factors like the model or the brand of the bike, the mileage and the power, the location, accessories included, and so on. 

In the USA, there are plenty of options to rent a motorcycle. Major motorcycle manufacturers have their own rental programs. Besides these, there are plenty of other sources from which you can rent a bike. Some of the common sources are as follows:

  • Bike rental shops
  • Authorized rental dealers 
  • Bike rental applications
  • Peer-to-peer bike rental websites

Besides costs, rental businesses also charge their customers with security deposits. When you drop off the motorcycle in a good condition, the deposited money gets refunded. Again, the amount of the deposit depends upon the motorcycle and the insurance you are choosing. 


Motorcycle tourism has truly taken off around the world, including the Philippines. Rental bikes make it easy for travellers and tourists to explore a new place. Thus, if you are an international tourist visiting the Philippines, learning about motorcycle rentals can help you to set your budget accordingly. Understanding the pricing and the facilities can help you to plan your holidays successfully. 

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