7 Places Where To Practice Riding A Motorcycle (Before Getting A License)

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Young motorcycle enthusiasts who want to kickstart their riding life need some safe place to practice motorcycle riding skills before they get a new motorcycle for themselves and initiate the whole process of getting a motorcycle driving license to start riding a bike legally on public roads and highways.

But, many young riders have this common question in mind regarding the choice of the place where they can safely practice their riding skills.

A Sunday morning is the best time when most riders get off hours and public access to different practice grounds for riding a motorcycle.

In this guide, we are providing you with 7 places where you can practice your riding skills before you obtain a driving license and get legal permission to drive your motorcycle in public places.

7 Places to Practice Motorcycle Riding

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  1. Private Property
  2. Big Box Parking Lots
  3. Neighborhood Areas
  4. Off-road Parks
  5. Old Shopping Centers
  6. Closed School Campuses
  7. Places under Rider Programs

Private Property

Property owners who have a motorcycle or if you have a friend’s motorcycle that you can practice riding on, then the best place to start practicing is on your own private grounds. This will help you learn how to handle your bike in different road situations without any external interference.

You should know the limitations of your motorbike before starting to ride it on public roads. You can do all kinds of stunts and maneuvers which are legal on private property for as long as you want with no chance of facing any legal hassles later on. 

Big Box Parking Lots

The second best place where young riders can safely start their journey with riding motorcycles is at big-box parking lots that don’t allow cars to enter them directly – they only allow car exits which comes with a U-turn. These are generally found in retail stores where there is free parking for bike riders.

Some common places for motorcycle riding practice according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation include church parking lot, empty parking lot, and back roads.

You can also ask the people who work at these big box stores to allow you to enter with your motorcycle inside the parking lot, they will most likely say yes as long as you park away from other cars and keep your motorcycle under control at all times.

Neighborhood Areas

The third best place to practice riding a motorbike before you get an actual bike of your own is in neighborhood areas – there are hardly any traffic signals to deal with, but you still have other junctions that need careful attention.

The main problem here is that if something goes wrong you don’t know whether or not a cop will be standing nearby to catch you red-handed.

Riding motorcycles on neighborhood roads is not only about the motorcycle itself, but also about your ability to make quick moves and get away from any difficult situation with minimum damage to yourself or your bike. 

Off-road Parks

This is the best place where young riders can practice their riding skills while staying out of trouble with cops or other authorities.

You can ride safely without worrying about anything because there are no traffic signals here. If you get into some problem, none will come running after you demanding explanations – it’s an off-road park for practice rides only!

You should keep in mind that off-road parks generally require riders to have helmets on before they enter these places which means you can’t use your new motorcycle training on private properties before you get a helmet.

Old Shopping Centers

In many old shopping centers that have been abandoned due to lack of customers, there is usually free parking space where bikers often go to practice.

In some places where heavy security is available, you might get into some trouble if the security personnel catch you practicing your bike riding skills on an abandoned parking lot.

Closed School Campuses

You can always find a closed school campus near you which is often used as a practice ground by young riders who live in that area.

This is not legal but it’s safe to say that cops have better things to do than run around after motorcycle riders who are busy learning the ropes of bike riding in a closed-school space where nobody bothers them.

Also, the added advantage of school campuses is that on weekends they always remain closed. So, if you choose your practicing time to be on the weekend, then there is no safe place other than closed school campuses.

Places Under Rider Programs

In many metropolitan areas, there are rider programs being conducted at big shopping malls or other similar places under which they provide training sessions for novice riders who want to learn how to ride safely and well before actually purchasing a motorcycle of their own.

These places are generally public so you don’t have to worry about security problems while learning how to ride your bike there.

That being said, there are some rider training programs that require bikers to wear helmets while practicing in these areas which means you need to get your hands on one before entering these practice spaces for novice riders.


These are some of the places where you can go to practice riding your motorcycle without any fear of cops catching you red-handed.

If ever a cop does catch you practicing in any one of these areas, always remember there is no way they’ll be able to do anything about it because none of them is illegal according to law.

So, the next time when you want to test out how good your new bike is, instead of cruising around on public roads, just head over to one of these places and have fun with your new toy!

But always consider your safety and wear protective gear especially when you are practicing.

Practice hard to ride better!

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