Best Motorcycle Maintenance Items: Guide Catalogue

Motorcycles require a lot of care and attention. But some simple and not too expensive maintenance items can save you a lot of money in the long run.

A motorcycle maintenance checklist is important to increase the longevity of the bike. A maintenance checklist can include a lot of materials like brake fluid, rear wheel, oil filter, fuel filter, engine oil, fuel lines and other items depending on the condition of the bike. Riders need to keep a service manual for routine maintenance of the motorcycle engines, motorcycle tires, motorcycle batteries, brake cleaner, steering head bearings, bake pad, tire pressure, tread wear indicator and other maintenance tasks to keep their bikes in tip top shape.

An owner’s manual for motorcycle riders with a different range of bikes like dirt bikes, superbikes or others is essential for a timely check-up. The manual helps to track if a bike needs a new oil filter, battery terminals, brake rotors, rear shock, brake calipers, wheel bearings, air pressure check or wheel alignment test. A pressure washer is a common instrument used by professionals in a service center to clean bikes. They can replace motorcycle oil with fresh fuel, chain lube, check for proper pressure, check the engine’s performance and do spark plugs changing if required. The riding style determines the condition of the motorcycle’s spark plug, cooling system, chain tension, fork seals and more. To keep the engine warm, a rider needs properly lubricated motorcycle care and check the coolant level for a refill. The motorcycle engine, brake pad, brake lines, tire tread and other components wear out with time. This leads to a dead battery. A correct procedure for maintenance and the service intervals play a crucial role to maintain the bike.

The four best motorcycle maintenance items that I recommend are:

  1. A Torque Wrench & Socket Set
  2. Motorcycle Stand
  3. T-Handle Hex Key
  4. A Solid Screw-Driver Set

Let’s break down why…

Why do you need a torque wrench?

best motorcycle maintenance items

One of the most significant things to consider when working on a motorcycle is if the bolts are being tightened with just enough force. To prevent over-tightening or stripping parts, use a torque wrench! Trust me, you don’t want to make that mistake.

A torque wrench allows you to input how tight you want it and gives an audible signal when it has been achieved. The average torque range for tightening bolts on motorcycles is between 3-15 ft-lbs.

A standard mechanics socket wrench set should have up to 30 ft-lbs, which can be used for nuts and bolts that require a good amount of force (i.e., wheel sprocket). But there are also sockets created only for torque wrenches called “click-type” wrenches which click after reaching proper tension or torque like this one from Amazon

A torque wrench is one of those tools you need in your shop to keep things running smoothly and prevent future damage.

What about a motorcycle stand?

best motorcycle maintenance items

Motorcycle stands are great for not only repairing your bike but even performing standard maintenance like oil changes or checking the air filter. This saves you time and money cause you don’t have to take it into a shop when all you want to do is change your brake pads… By using a motorcycle stand you can actually work on your bike yourself and save time as well as money.

It’s very sturdy, easy to put together (took me less than 10 minutes), and makes working on my bike a breeze because it holds it up without having to hold on to it yourself.

This brings me to my next must-have item: T-Handle Hex Keys

best motorcycle maintenance items

I would argue that having a good T-Handle Hex key set is one of the most important items on this list. It will save you so many headaches!

What are T-handle hex keys? They are small tools used to tighten or loosen bolts and screws by hand with just enough force without stripping anything (again, trust me). If there’s ever a stripped bolt in your life, you know how painful it is. These make it possible to get those bolts out without destroying them or your hands…

A standard 17mm wrench for example has plenty of torque to not strip Allen screws and smaller bolts but once you get into larger sized wrenches, they may strip before being able to loosen them especially if they’ve been tightened

enough times.

This is why I would recommend getting a set like this one.

A lot of the allen screws on motorcycles are 6mm, 5mm, or 4mm so having T-handle hex keys (in those sizes) comes in pretty handy and saves you from making that trip to the bike shop because you can’t remove your rear axle.

This brings me to my next must-have: A Solid Screw Driver Set

best motorcycle maintenance items

Having different screwdrivers for different needs is important whether it be electrician screwdrivers for electrical work or pilot bits for drilling, etc. But when working on your motorcycle, being able to handle bolts of various types and sizes with just one screwdriver is super convenient especially if you don’t have to go running into the house to find a different-sized screwdriver every time.

This set for example includes flat head, Phillips head, Torx bit, and square drives which are incredibly common in motorcycle repair. You could easily avoid having a toolbox full of screwdrivers that accomplish the same thing if you just get one good solid screwdriver.

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