What is a Touring Motorcycle?

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There are many different types of motorcycles, all suited to different tasks. However, one category of bike that’s becoming increasingly popular is the adventure sporty bikes.

A Touring Motorcycle is a motorcycle built for going on multi-day tours. They can be used for day rides or week-long trips around the country. If you plan on taking a long road trip, especially cross country, you might consider buying one.

The best touring motorcycles are also referred to as open touring bikes or simply a tourer by some riders.

Let’s explore through this article what exactly is a Touring motorcycle and what are the advantages of motorcycle touring.

What is a Touring Motorcycle?

A touring segment bike is one that’s built with travel in mind. An adventure touring motorcycle is used to take long on or off road trips. Some riders buy these bikes so they can go on day rides, while others use them to spend weeks on the road exploring new places.

To be clear, there is no strict definition of a Touring bike. However, there are certain characteristics that many trip motorcycles share.

For instance, most adventure tour two-wheelers have fairings to protect the rider from bad weather. They usually come with large fuel tanks and big windshields to keep the wind off of the rider. Touring two-wheelers also tend to be heavy since they need to be built for travelling at high speeds on long trips.

Here are some of the common tour motorbikes. The Honda Gold Wing has quick release luggage mounts. The Gold Wing bike

The Ducati Multistrada is one of the sports tourers that is used in the DAKAR Rally. It has a chrome finish and a keyless start feature. The body is low floorboards that include an ABS. The top box is filled with liquid cooled fuel for an outstanding off road experience.

The Indian Roadmaster is another cruise control bike with semi active electronic suspension, remote locking hard bags, ride by wire throttle and tire pressure monitor along with a V Twin engine for smooth sailing.

Harley Davidson has bikes with selectable ride modes for riders that participate in the Triumph Trophy SE for adventure touring.

Advantages of Touring Motorcycles

Active Suspension Road Glide Bike

What makes a Touring motorcycle so great or what are the advantages of these bikes? Well, there are a few reasons why they’re becoming more and more popular with motorcyclists all around the world –


The first advantage of a touring motorcycle is that it gives you an exceptionally comfortable ride. Since these bikes are meant to be taken on long trips, they’re built to give the rider maximum comfort.

Having this type of bike will allow you to have more enjoyable experiences on your road trip by reducing the fatigue of riding for very long times. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself instead of being uncomfortable or worn out after being on your bike for hours at a time.


V Twin Engine Bikes

Another advantage of Touring motorcycles is that they’re designed with style in mind. Many riders love how their tourer looks and feel proud when riding around town on them.

Some tour motorcycles come with stylish paint jobs – whether it’s matte black with orange stripes or covered in grey paint with a bright red gas tank.

If you’re the type of person who cares about how they look, then having a fancy on-road motorcycle will help you get more compliments from fellow riders. You’ll also be able to stand out from all other types of motorcycles – if that’s something that’s important to you!

Safe & Reliable

Best touring motorcycles are often designed for safety as well. They usually come with bigger side-view mirrors and windshields, along with high beam headlights to ensure that you see everything ahead whether you are riding at night or in bad weather conditions. Some bikes have folding mirrors too.

You’ll also find many adventure two-wheelers have extra padding on either their seats or around the cockpit area where the rider rests his or her arms when travelling over long distances. This serves to make the bike more comfortable but also serves to protect the rider in case of an accident.

Big on Storage

Touring bikes are designed with storage in mind. They have large storage trunks where you can put all of your belongings – making these bikes very practical for longer road trips or day trips.

Some tourer motorcycles also come with saddlebags to allow the rider to carry even more stuff – possibly even a tent and sleeping bag if you’re planning on doing an overnight trip!

Whether you are travelling just across the countryside or literally commuting between countries, you will surely appreciate the added storage benefit of these bikes. Some adventure bikes also come with heated seats and handlebars, GPS technology, audio systems, and charging points which add to the utility of the bikes and their storage spaces.

Big on Fuel Capacity

Bikes for touring tend to have big fuel tanks to allow for longer trips. If you’re going on a long road trip, this is definitely a benefit that will come in handy. The six-cylinder engine and the two-stage traction control are unique features of such bikes that enable riders to take long trips easily but aren’t the best for fuel economy. Of course, there are other ways to carry fuel on a motorcycle if your fuel capacity is smaller.

The average tank capacity of these bikes could be anywhere from seven liters all the way up to thirty litres – which means you can go hundreds of miles before having to refuel your bike!

Built for Long Distances

Open Road Bikes

Touring motorcycles are specifically designed for riding long and far. They have a lot of advantages that make these bikes great for extended journeys.

Their large fuel tank capacity along with big storage, and other handy utility features make them a go-to choice for all riders who want to take long journeys on their two-wheelers.

There are even spaces for auxiliary fuel tanks or extra wind protection components, or even other ergonomic elements that allow a rider to fully customize a Touring bike according to their exact needs for the long routes.

Superb Durability

Touring motorcycles are built to last. These bikes have higher-quality materials that often give them a longer lifespan than most other types of motorcycles.

Many Touring motorcycles are made with aircraft-grade aluminium, carbon fibre, and titanium – all materials that are known for being more durable and rugged.

The frames of these bikes are also designed to be super sturdy in order to handle the larger weight associated with carrying heavy loads on long journeys.

And even though these motorbikes may be heavier by default, they usually come with hydraulic disc brakes which allow riders to stop quickly no matter how much cargo they’re carrying around on their bike!


A lot of people ask what makes a motorcycle “tour” worthy. Generally speaking, Touring motorcycles should always be your preference if you are planning to go on camping trips or long-distance rides with your bike.

They have several features that make them better suited for riding rough canyon roads. First and foremost, touring motorcycles have a large fuel capacity so you don’t run out of gas so quickly. Touring bikes can also carry extra equipment such as spare tires or camping gear. Unlike sport bikes that only focus on performance, touring models tend to be more versatile and can be used for other tasks as well such as commuting to work.

Numerous amenities that are there in adventure or hike bikes help the rider stay comfortable over long periods of time in the saddle. On most tourers, you’ll find windscreens and fairings to protect against strong gusts and rain or snow (if you’re riding somewhere cold). The seats are usually wider and softer than other types of bikes too; this is nice should you plan on spending lots of time sitting on one of these during your trip.

All in all, if you’re planning on taking a journey that involves several months crossing between countries via a motorcycle, then you should definitely consider purchasing sport tourers for they will give you both the comfort and the convenience of heated grips that you need the most during the long travels.

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